Night in Dimdum land

When at night, and  Dimdum people sleep,

the elephant and the little dog

go out and about to have some  fun

Of course this can’t be done

when it is light!

As there is a golden rule in Dimdum land that says:

Elephants  and dogs can’t play together!

No! No way! That can’t be right!

It really is  a serious matter!

The King has said it is a crime,

The minister, the duke, the pope

all say: “Keep them creatures  on a rope!”

But nothing can be done about it

When it is night in Dimdum land

There they go play in the sand

As no one can keep friends  apart

Not when the night still has a heart…


entry for bluebells short story slam for children


Comments on: "Night in Dimdum land" (23)

  1. Again! Very nice moral to this. I love the Dimdum land name, too!

  2. love this! and yes I love the name Dimdum land as well. great story.

  3. What a great story–nothing should keep good friends apart–not even the laws of Dimdum land!

    Gayle ~

  4. Friends are meant to be together even if it’s only at night! Great story.

  5. Another wonderful piece, enjoyed this very much

  6. This is so cute ! A solid friendship will endure … it will stand the test of time !

  7. lovely message, thanks for sharing,

  8. I love those last lines. Very sweet

  9. A.B. Thomas said:

    Dimdum – brilliant name! I loved the sorridness in the innocence of just being friends against what society says

  10. Nice! Wonderful sentiment! 🙂

  11. 🙂 Thanks, I didn’t want to write a poem with a lesson really, just a poem a child would like to read.

  12. Wonderful imagination…
    Lovely rendition…
    Valuable lesson!

    • Hi Preml, you were in the spamfilter, sorry! Thank you very much for your visit and comment! 🙂

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