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Still in love


So eagerly I want memory to reproduce

the time  when love was me and you,

when easily I could seduce

you in rhyming whispers that I sent.

So desperately now I need you

to be once again my loving friend

and forgive if my intention

of reproduction turned you off,

this is merely just to mention

that I am still so much in love


entry for poetry potluck week 46 \”love and its not\”

The Night Shift Of The Mind


All that we see in dreams is gone

the moment we awake

The night shift of the mind is done


When we dream, reality is none

and wide awake, forgotten is the dream

But for one moment it may just hang on


The colours of the nightmare fade

The fear we had is put in reassuring words

But there is no sense to be made


Deformed segments  linger on

Though  what was dreamt,  forever is forsaken

And no more use to the awaken

All that we saw in dreams is gone

The nightshift of the mind is done


Lazy Moments Before Sunrise


Love scent surrounds us like  a cover

Sweet and bitter do you taste

Make no fun now, make  no haste

just   again  please be my lover


Scent of sweat and blood and musk

Curtains drop in  our embrace

Torn up sheets and straps of lace

watch us sleep again till dusk


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