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I trust your lust


Your hand is a curious stranger on my skin

This teasing finger

is  making a perfect circle on my back

You write your name under my neck

I feel your breath and close my eyes in trust

that you will gently share your lust

Your hands are warm and turn me over

For a moment then you linger

And without fear I let you in


entry for jingle potluck week 48 \”passionate\”

A Heaven For Poems


The orphan poem plays alone

while all the other poems run

as no one looks about her twice

Nobody thinks that she is nice


A  lonely poem with no home

wonders where to spend the night

But it is not down at all

As there is some hope after all


The hobo poem and the child

They go  together hand in hand

They don’t look back to this cruel place

where ugly poems are disgrace


There is a heaven for unloved poems

where it doesn’t mean if they rhyme or not

where they don’t have to have a flow

This is what all unwanted poems know



The most lonely place


So much alone  can one only be

in the mind for there is no one else

No other soul to keep one company


Where can one hide for all to see

In thoughts alone we find our hells

So much alone  can one  only be


In the mind where there’s only me

The only one whose voice there yells

No other soul to keep one company


No, in the mind we are not free

As there the soul is and it dwells

So much alone can one only be


To find the language back he gave to me

Regaining taste,  the sounds, and how all smells

And find a soul to keep me company


I am better off there where is he

And  freed from all those nasty spells

So much alone can one only be

Without  a soul to keep one company


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