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Obey your body!

My youngest son was returning from California, where he had been for a year as an exchange High School student and I was going to meet him from the plane. After a journey  that had taken me half the day in tropical hot weather,  starting with a crowded ferry, followed by a  train strike,  sitting next to a large depressed gentleman from London, who wore a T-shirt with Hebrew letters that puzzled me,  (what was written there?),   I left the train in the underground station and arrived at Schiphol airport where someone hissed “Miss! Miss!”

I turned around, did she mean me? Someone grabbed my hand.

She was young and good-looking and not thinking of letting my hand go. Before I knew what was going on, she was using nail polish remover on 2 of  my right hand nails and then she started to shape them, the result was that they shone like the other nails, which still had colourless polish on them.

She was from Israel and wanted to sell me a kit of great stuff for my nails, only 35 euro today, but I said no.

The next morning I had some time on my hands when I left the hotel where I had spent the night, the plane with my son was arriving in half an hour.  My 2 nails were shining more than the others. I had decided I did like the “Obey your body”  nail kit very much,  and the fact the gentleman in the train wore that T-shirt, had played a role in my dream, and decision to purchase, so there. I was going for it, in spite of the aggressive selling technique maybe.

I approached the selling counter and she was there, welcoming me.  In the middle of the airport busyness she remembered me, which is amazing. Her colleague remembered me too and I felt like a lost relative. I told her I wanted to buy. She joked about my rather large overnight bag and before I knew it, I was sitting in this airport hall with a facemask on half of my face. Dead sea minerals. I closed my eyes as people from all over the world walked by me. We discussed my sons as possible candidates for a marriage,  but two were too young and the eldest was already taken, so too bad. I opened one eye and a man in uniform with a machine gun walked by.  He looked alert.

Odd place to have half a facemask perhaps, but okay, it was good stuff. Still I didn’t buy.  Little later I embraced my son, after ten months of absence.

“You are looking great.”

“From that side, yes,” I said.  “So how was America?”

“Great.  I have travelling legs! Maybe I will go to Israel next year! ”

“Sure,” I said. “Obey your body.”  I waved at the girl behind the counter. Maybe she has younger sisters?

Obey your Body

For a weary mind


Weary man I see your smile

has been fading for a while

and the tired days go by

unloved and dark though Summer’s high


Weary man one day soon you ‘ll be

again enjoying the cool breath of  sea

and then the taste of life again is light

when you are back on the right side


rhythm inspired by  Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel

This poem was (accidently) an entry for Jingle’sThursday Rally wk 48


my award-acceptance poem:

Does nature care?


shall the rain be fair

to the dry and thirsty land

does the rain then care?


will the sun shine bright

does the sun then care

will it just stay night?


I nominate Mindlovemisery!

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