the river


Sometimes a wrinkle is a river

and the eyes are the fountain

where Β tears gather to stream

That is what wrinkles are for

I told my grandmother

And she agreed



Comments on: "the river" (21)

  1. I love your figures of speech. πŸ™‚

  2. christine said:

    My grandmother’s eyes were that fountain every time I played a special hymn for her on the piano

    Other than at those times she showed no emotion whatsoever.

    I thought she had none in her; I was wrong, bless her heart.

    This is beautiful.
    Love Christine

    • Hi Christine πŸ™‚ thank you very much! That is very moving, your grandmother could not show her emotions but your music did the trick, that is fantastic and a warm memory to cherish! Love Ina x and a big hug!

  3. belfastdavid said:

    What a lovely thought with which to start my day πŸ™‚


  4. I think I shall share that thought with someone dear. The poem my friend was sublime.

  5. I went back to read yet one more time.. the words made me think!
    If I say this is very well composed; it would be an understatement!!

    Hugs xoxox

  6. Thank you.

  7. This is just beautiful, Ina.

  8. Thanks thinghy πŸ™‚

  9. You know? I was thinking of a single word to describe your poem and the one coming to my mind is: delicate. I hope you like it!

  10. Mesmerised, I am, by the picture that you painted in my mind. lovely!

  11. beauty and wisdom are in your words.

  12. Beautiful, Ina. I was thinking about my grandmothers today (they both died around this time of year, one in 2009, the other just last summer) so your lovely poem really struck a chord. Thank you.

    • Hi Nick thank you for visiting and your comment. To have struck a chord means a lot to me. I hope you remember them with love.
      My own grandmothers died years ago, 1972 and 1977, but my mother and aunt died Summer 2009 and Summer 2010 as well. Time goes on but some memories linger.

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