Give me one reason why you should love me

when all that I am is a mess

Tell me why  you are not running  away

or better yet, tell me not, more or less


Tell me not why you should leave me

Tell me nothing I don’t want to know

You say I am the most beautiful

And I think that you must be blind

You say I am the one for you

And I think that you are too kind


More or less a mess and loving you

More or less worthy of you

More or less and that is what we are dreaming of

Tell me we are not blinded

By love


 dedicated to my husband, who doesn’t speak English 🙂

entry for thursdays rally

Comments on: "Just another love song but one straight from the heart" (14)

  1. Blinded by love … there’s a beauty in it! As long as the two hearts are eyeless everything is beautiful … Touching poem Ina!

  2. I agree: blinded by love…what a romantic sort of phrase. This is an excellent poem and tribute to your husband. Keep writing! You clearly have the gift.

    Visit my writing blog at http://shelleddreams.wordpress.com/

  3. J Sirrah said:

    Another nice poem 🙂

  4. belfastdavid said:

    This is a beautiful love poem.

    It says a lot about the relationship you both have when you can write this poem after a lot of years together.

    The sort of poem which inspires me to believe


  5. Hi:

    please forward the email to me, I did not request to ask you for your poem, yet, because of the incident, I can add you.

    send your poem to jinglepoetry@gmail.com


  6. officials have access to our secondary email accounts, someone is not loyal and try to hurt you and hurt our relations, please send the email request plus your poem to jingle

    always loved your input.

    • I will come back in a while. I just don’t understand what is going on right now. I liked to do the rally and potluck but this is way too strange for me lol.
      I hope you will continue to have a nice community! 🙂

  7. How sweet. You are very fortunate, Ina. : )

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