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The slammed door


The rough wood of the slammed door

was tearing up my skin

Like your one-day-beard

before had scratched my chin


You wouldn’t let me in

and the door fell

out of its rusty joints


There was a whistling breeze


Then I saw

there was no one in

at all

just a table with a razor bowl

and a rusty razor

Β ~{}~

The big blush

“The sun has been flirting with me” is a quote from David Agnew (BelfastDave)Β  who generously allowed me to use itΒ  πŸ™‚

What you see is what you get


Because I hated my spectacles I went out without them

And it got me into trouble more than once

stumbling, falling, ignoring people

But one night it paid off to be vain

as all of a sudden

this young man approached Β me

He said he was wondering why I had been staring at him all night

and I hadn’t even noticed there was a bar across the room

We started a nice but short relationship (five months)

he even persuaded me to wear contacts

So one day my vanity was not in vain.

But seeing too much brings another sort of pain.

He is now married to a French woman

with glasses

Β ~{}~

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