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life before pain


Summer girls

They are in a hurry

They ran and they shout

Summer girls

Totally happy

School is finally out

All across the street

Running to the sea

The cold water

Makes them giggle

And they swim

And they jump up and down

Summer girls

Life will never be like this


Summer girls

Please watch out


back to the shore


I felt the water around me

as I went in deeper

just to  forget you

in the cold in the dark

in the painless flight

And then waves rocked me softly

and the sand kissed my feet

and the fish and the seagulls surprised me

even jellyfish did

make me feel so alive

so I swam back, the shore was awaiting

No you still are not here

but the sea sent me back

and I felt the water around me

keeping me safe


The flood of city executives


All going to work in a flood

of human electricity


They smoothly go down  in the tube

One movement one goal one species on earth

A mass of minds in control

And they are good

And the know it

They smile and they sparkle

In suits and skirts that mean business

They are the masses, the class making the earth go round

Till the power failure leaves them

Helplessly stranded in the underground


oh come on don’t be mean :)


The neigbours across the street

A couple in their seventies

Are selling home-made jam

every day, the whole day,

in front of their house

Now I don’t like the taste of so much sweet

And they want too much money for a jar

So I can’t leave the house quite well

As I don’t want to be unkind

But I also don’t want to buy the stuff

that they make in a rusty kind of bucket


Sometimes a determined mind is not enough

and I do need to do my shopping

Maybe I have some coins left in my pocket…



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