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my online striptease


years  after my online blog introduction

I tried to impress with my  sad verse  production

swaying my leg around the pole of anonymity

I put up my avatar for all the world to see me


since then, one by one, there went many a veil, and my pride

from the top of my head down to my heel

my poetry gave you my inside and out

now there is nothing left to conceal or hide


all about my love

all about my silly fears

my worries and tears


in vanille vanella’s

sinister haiku’s and heartbreaking sonnets


 some see-through silk is touching my perky

remarks and my comments ever so quirky

I shall step over the last-but-one item that is left to be dropped


countless veils have turned into a heep

the audience has fallen asleep

I should have stopped

hours ago but in spite of my shiver

I am here to deliver


so there, have it all

the last veil will fall

rolling drums…

someone is giggling…

as my bottom is wiggling…


a shock in the room as my again-one-but-last-bit of lingerie finally  is hitting the ground

could you do me the favour and please turn around?

I might need some privacy here now that I am done

oh well never mind then, by now you  are all gone…



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