you closed your eyes I caressed you

 with this music not mine

 this song not yours

the music

 sung by this voice

you closed your eyes I caressed you

 and all thoughts that  came

with all that we felt

 with this music not mine

 all then was ours

 together we were

 you closed your eyes I caressed you

 not just you not just me

in silence we bonded

with this music not mine

our tears were the same

when she sang

you closed your eyes I caressed you

with this music not yours and not mine


closing your eyes, I caressed you

with this music not mine

this song not yours

we heard this voice

and all thoughts that  came

all we felt

all was ours

not just mine

not yours

in silence we bonded

our tears

were the same


music video’s from you tube

entry for jingle Potluck http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2011/06/poetry-potluck-inspired-by-song.html


Comments on: "you closed your eyes I caressed you" (36)

  1. belfastdavid said:

    This is truely beautiful Ina.

    I could read it over and over and come away with a warm glow every time.

    In fact I may well come back in the future when I feel in need of a warm glow.

    (Just one thing – I think you need to change “sang” in the fifth line to “sung” – Hope you don’t mind me saying)

    With love

    • Hi lol you make me glow now. Sing sang sung I learned so that is why I used sang, but I will gladly change it, thank you 🙂 Keep glowing 🙂

  2. I see now why it is ‘sung’ and not ‘sang’ 🙂 I am glad you told me. With love as well.

  3. A mind blowing song indeed!
    I hear the yearning…….. very heartfelt!

    Many warm hugs xoxox

  4. Inspirational songs, including your poem, for a very inspirational week… 🙂

  5. Ina, lovely and mind blowing as always! Well done 🙂

  6. A.B. Thomas said:

    A divine and beautiful write!

  7. I closed my eyes and felt the beauty of your poem. You’re fantastic 🙂

  8. The song and the poem both stunningly beautiful

  9. Ina – what an awesome melody you choose to accompany your piece … pulls at my heartstrings!! Thank you for this sweet, passionate piece.

  10. There is such a mystical quality to the music and your words. Thank you, Ina

  11. Romance will never go by the wayside.

    • Hi Booguloo, is that statement of hope or of despair ? 🙂 Thank you very much for visiting my blog!

  12. Dang Girl! That was awesome! Wow! Wish my speakers worked.

    For you:

  13. This is the essence of romance… Loved it and Loved it …
    Great poem Ina…

  14. Ina you have used a classical song and instrument of love to develop the beautiful words you have written. 🙂

  15. Beautiful, it could be a song itself!

  16. wowwww!!!!! this is deep…:-D

  17. ina awesome, lovely, beautiful poem.. here is my song, Somebody’s me

    Someone is Special

  18. Thank you 🙂 Loved your lyrics!

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