Shelter me


shelter me with your embrace

so I shall be safe tonight

to see at least one friendly face

so much hurt there’s to erase

keep me far away from light

shelter me with your embrace

wrap me in your finest lace

yes there has been another fight

to see at least one friendly face

I ran to you like other days

does my instinct tell me right?

shelter me with your embrace

Β for me there is no better place

I have to be out of his sight

to see at least one friendly face

you are my haven just in case

stolen moments that you might

shelter me with your embrace

to see at least one friendly face


( a tragedy in verse)

entry for thursday poets rally 45


Comments on: "Shelter me" (72)

  1. belfastdavid said:

    This is lovely

    (((Big Hug)))


  2. beautiful poem. too much sadness in the world and too much light. everything in scrutinized. and it shouldn’t be. xx

  3. Sometime it’s great to feel an embrace from a love one, giving security were there is not. Lovely poem.

  4. From a friendly face, big friendly hug and bravo for a lovely poem!

  5. Yes a lovely poem, full of warmth despite the sadness

  6. Beautiful. I love the thought of being sheltered in loving arms.

  7. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom said:

    what a lovely write up! “shelter me with your embrace
    for me there is no better place” i concur to this!

  8. Tragedies, like thunderstorms, soon go away… Poems stay. I am glad to know that you have a shelter!

  9. perfectly perfumed.composed piece.

    enjoy the rally.


  10. Hope for the lost…

  11. Lovely written.
    Beautiful Ina.

  12. This is really good and just what we all need a little shelter and a hug to ward off all those bad things.

  13. As I read your verse, I can relate to it too. I want the first four lines right now to come true for me, for I do have hurt to erase.

  14. a sad heartwrenching poem thru out, but still hope at the end.

  15. Beautifully romantic and somehow it feels to me quite nostalgic… Heartfelt, great work!

  16. it’s so nice to have a haven.

  17. A moment of emotion truly captured here. Beautiful.

  18. I wish I could tell someone the same. Lovely verse, connects with me completely.

    Puplumages is Purvi πŸ™‚
    I am from ~

  19. Very warm, nicely done lovely poem. Thanks for sharing this:)

  20. Ina
    I enjoy your poetry and you do lean to the romantics…

    I feel this was written with a masculine ” wrap me in your finest lace” …Author/creator


    • It was the image i was looking for, I would love to be carefully wrapped in fine lace πŸ™‚

  21. it is a trying world but then there are people to take care of us. may you be blessed with them forever.

  22. Love the thought of being sheltered in an embrace. Sounds so safe and secure.

  23. Beautiful poem, we all need someone to lean on at times. There is a sense of sadness and comfort in poem

  24. embraces, hugs – they do provide comfort. Lovely πŸ™‚

  25. Powerful mobile emotional sentiment conveyed so beautifully in poetry!

  26. amazing ! thank you !

  27. I love the sadness, I love the longing for shelter… beautiful poem Ina…

  28. I love the sadness and I can relate very well. I’m having a hard time these past weeks, one night a friend came up to me and hugged me and she didn’t even say anything…I cried. Hugs are such comfort.

    • Hi D, sorry to hear about your hard times, hope all will be better soon. Good to have a friend with hugs!

  29. huggggs. beautiful and heartfelt, always πŸ™‚

  30. yelena m. said:

    fine to have a shelter like that isn’t it πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing, Ina.

  31. love the flow is this πŸ™‚ I could sing this easily

  32. Oh this has touched me … such lovely words borne from sadness and pain. I hope you are okay? Beautiful and I love the repetition. Something so simple really in times of desperation … the need for a friendly face, the feel of one’s arms around you … I can feel the desperation in your words. Great poem πŸ™‚

    • Hi my-past -made-me, thank you very much. I am fine, found my set of arms long time ago πŸ™‚ Hope you are okay too.

  33. That’s what we call an awesome masterpiece work ..
    I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry
    Here’s mine poetry work ..


  34. Request for hope, for one last time. I could feel the need, the hand reaching out.
    Touching piece!

  35. J Sirrah said:

    Enjoyed this much πŸ™‚

  36. A.B. Thomas said:

    I loved the use of repetition, it just brought out the yearn and security wanted against the storm that many face without any port to shelter within – outstanding~

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