the whisper shell


There was a moment when, together but alone

we stood close to the sea both far away in thought

The whisper shell the waves had brought

I held it to my ear as if it was a phone

and when you saw me doing that, I felt so caught

remembering the times we fought

when  voices had a different tone


You started running on the beach

I followed you and we fell in the sand

like we had shipwrecked and found land

You had two more shells, one for each

It was the last time that I felt your hand


Comments on: "the whisper shell" (9)

  1. “It was the last time that I felt your hand”
    – so sad…I am deeply touched..

  2. belfastdavid said:

    This is probably my favourite of all your poems so far.

    I was totally caught up in the atmosphere of the poem such that I could feel the sand under my feet, taste the salt in the air.



  3. Oh my, this is too too sad and very well written, Ina. Lovely. It has such simmetry. Nice.

    Looking for your Rally piece. Meanwhile, mine is here.

  4. christine said:

    Hello Ina.
    I was talking to David (Agnew) the other day and said I had been reading your poetry and how much it speaks to me. He suggested I might let you know so that is what I am doing. I am commenting on this one because it is my favourite so far! It is beautiful and I wish I had written it!

    Chrtistine xx

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