No one in particular

Did he mean when he scolded

In the direction of the waves

Every day

Another day on the beach

Another day to show his anger

But  the sea didn’t care much

Never did

Only roared louder, spitting

Foam towards the drunkard’s face

 The indifferent sea drowned him

For ever


entry for jingle poetry potluck

Comments on: "drowning" (39)

  1. Deep , Love it !

  2. Lovely as always Ina.

  3. belfastdavid said:

    Beautifully written Ina but very, very bleak.

    And sadly I can recognise that drunkard stood raging at the sea every day.

    Thankfully some of us survive 🙂


    • Thank you very much, I looked up “bleak”, gloomy, I suppose it is. This man I saw yelling at the sea, years ago, had a sad life and drunk his sorrows away. He was not angry all the time but I can’t remember him being sober. He had some remarkable skills, as he could tell you the time from reading his compass. He died after a fall in the harbour, when he actually drowned. And yes, luckily lives can have a turn for the best! 🙂

  4. So true! You know you’ve lost it when you realize you’ve been ‘shouting at waves’

  5. Very powerful poem, you build great things with words!

  6. powerful, amazing

  7. entry for jingle poetry potluck (not on the theme, sorry! Somehow I never can do the theme 😕 ) http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2011/05/fortresses-castles-palaces-and-royal.html

  8. Loved the poem though it strikes some familiar sad chords. Know some people who are going the same way and often pray that they see the Light and turn back one day before it becomes too late.

  9. Jessica said:

    I liked that, Ina. It’s interesting how much you use the sea in your poems. Well written with a punchy ending.


  10. I almost can see the scene… Descriptive, but somehow more than that!

  11. Yeah, this one hits home. Excellent piece, Ina.

  12. Beautifully written. It was very sensual. I could feel the environs of the moment.

  13. Life is like that, a sea of changes, uncaring about our condition, state of mind or willpower. That is how I understood your write 🙂

    Enjoy the potluck!


  14. Interesting scene! The sea can see the misery but it will only wave 🙂

  15. bleak, but that’s the reality of life at times. i like what you wrote.

  16. reflective,
    very lovely done.


    How have you been?

    I have been sick last week, sorry for missing some of your potluck entries.
    Hope to see you join our poetry potluck week 36 today!

    Week 36 Theme is sketches, images, and impressions,
    But you are NOT required to submit theme fitting pieces, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome…

    Looking forward to reading you again.


    • Hi JIngle, hope you are doing well now!
      I entered a poem for the potluck (“ïs it you and me”)

  17. Desolate! Nice work …

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