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image problems


I had this image of you
that you painted yourself
that I completed with my imagination
and a golden frame

my fondest memories
of events yet to happen
were in this image
that was supposed to be you

now we have met and at second glance
it is a picture of a too sunny coast
a painting with cracked vernis
and the frame is now falling apart

since I am back the image is spitting
green stuff
and I give it a week
till it’s gone altogether


Unwanted guest


filled with your absence

the house and I wait

both knowing it is everywhere


in the living room it is blocking the telly

and in the bathroom mirror

it is your face not being there

that I see


at night I can hear

your absence soundlessly sneaking up the stairs

claiming the bed

and it won’t stay on your half

grabbing all blankets


your absence is becoming a frequent guest now

demanding attention

keeping me busy

filling the house

till you come back





even dozed off

he is in remote control

he is glad if I make a big issue

out of his small matter

he is a man

in general


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