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Thank you for leaving me behind




you took the ferry  without me

and didn’t talk about returning

separation, an indifferent  sea

while my heart just kept  on yearning


I couldn’t be with you

and sunshine didn’t  comfort me

the way it used to do

as with you I longed to be


of course I knew that this was better

no future was there for our love

still I did hope for a letter

wishing you would care enough


I was  sixteen, you three times my age

yes I know this was insanity, outrage

but you showed me I could trust

and what love is without lust


thank you for leaving me behind

it was not mean to do, but kind



entry for jingle thursday’s rally

I can’t download the awards, so a pic of them altogether is all I can do. Thanks Jingle  🙂


Deceitful Spring




Nature renews itself each year

Spring is whispering sweet deceitful lies

As flowers pop up out of nowhere here

Making  promises of eternal life

Still maybe my own end is near

Or  is it just my  midlife crisis that is haunting me?

Nature showing off with youth so dear

Meanwhile I am pulling out my first grey hair

Not feeling young  at all

Is this my Spring or Fall?




entrry for Jingle Potluck

Home to me



The tired houses leaning side by side

The rusty bicycle you always ride

The fisherman whose ship is work and pride

They all are home to me


The sand that’s blowing on the lonely beach

The waves that bring the shore  a  treasure each

The wrinkled  hand that’s  always there to reach

How that is home to me


The mother waiting on the windy pier

The cry of seagulls that are  always here

The far away sons and the one who’s near

So much is home to me


The grandchild who’ll be born in fall

The silent men who’ve seen it all

The drunk man waiting for the final call

That all is home to me


~{}~ entry for jingle poetry potluck

Versatile Blogger Award

Maghar1, fiveloaf, jingle, chimnese, a b thomas, Maiyata, becca, Scott Mitchell , Christine (Journey into poetry), Parry, D.E. Cummings and Thomas Davis have nominated me for /given me (not sure lol) the Versatile Blogger Award! So thank you very much! I have tried to find out what it is and who started it, but all I know so far is this:

The rules for this award:

The Rules to accept the award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
  • Contact each blogger you want to pass the award onto and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

Seven (7) Random Facts about me:

1.     Hobby & Old stuff:  I am fond of ships, old things and history, my hobby is Genealogy

2.    Language:   Have studied some Russian in my past, but I like the English language very much

3.     Health: A bit of a mess at times with eyes going bad and mobility trouble but nothing really dangerously serious.  I have gout (podagra) in my left foot now (I thought only  grumpy old men got gout?) so I do a lot of resting at the moment

4.     Pets:  I love cats but presently have none due to husband who doesn’t want them anymore. Dogs: Cocker Spaniels are cute.

5.    Family:  I miss our youngest son who is an exchange student and staying in California for a Highschool year till end of June. Proud of all my 3 sons!

6.    Travel:   I live on Terschelling Island and am not really fond of big cities, though I have seen some beauties like Leningrad, Marrakech and Athens 🙂

7.   Work:   I write novels in Dutch for a living and have been doing so since July 1997

My nominations/ awards:

Leo (Vinay)
A.B. Thomas
Jessica japes
Becca givens
James Christopher Shepard
Hannah Jolie
Con Chapman
the old hack

I woud like to thank these people for nominating me for/ giving to me this award:

ab thomas

Scott Mitchell
Journey into poetry>
Thomas Davis and Ethel


David Eric Cummings

Ouch! Podagra polka

During a trip to the mainland, that was all about meeting other parents of student exchange kids, we walked a lot, and I got pain in my feet. In one foot, the big toe, the pain stayed overnight, and my foot got swollen and red. A visit to a hospital seemed like a good idea, as my shoe didn’t fit anymore ( first time I walked on shoes with heels to prevent pain in the heel, doctors suggestion!) as I thought I might have broken something. The doc was very nice and happy, such an easy diagnosis. Gout. I have the gout. She gave me pills that made me dizzy. We skipped the castle we planned to see and drove back North, me with my foot on the dashboard 🙂 We did see son who lives three stairs up, no elevator. The short wheelchair experience to get me on the ferry made me realize how toddlers must feel, not knowing where they are being pushed to.

Gout. I always thought grumpy old men got it. Women my age seldom do. I googled and got scared of the diet that people with gout are supposed to follow. I am no fan of tomatoes.

This morning I saw my own doc and he said food has NOTHING to do with getting gout! Walking so much on the prescribed (by his colleague) heeled shoes on the other hand, could very well be the cause.  I have to return in 2 weeks to see about purine in my blood.

I am giving my foot a rest and take my NSAID pills and hope it will be over soon. Gout is not funny, it is a sort of arthritis. To everyone who has it too: hugs!


It is not that I find it an elegant dance

and it sure is a cure for an aking romance

Still in my marriage I was never this loud

do the podagra polka, also known as the gout


one step ouch, two steps ouch,  do it nice and real slow

and after your last ouch, make a deep bow.





Waltz d’amour



Shall we give in to long lazy loving

Shall we give in to sun struck romance

Fingertop striking your face and your neck

Shall we dance

Let’s give in, shall we

Shall we give

And never look back


Let’s give in to staying in bed

Let’s give in to not getting dressed

Fingertop striking your neck and your chest

Let’s give in, shall we

Let us dance

Let us give

And  give it a rest




The model


So I sit here completely naked and cold

In front of this art class of men young and old

Trying hard not to feel awkward at all

I shiver a bit on the stool that’s too small

Hearing the pencils  drawing my curves

I am smiling away what is left of my nerves

Someone is coughing, but no body speaks

A chair’s loudly moved and the door slightly shreeks

Alone with twenty four eyes watching me

From nine till eleven in my nudity

And then thank heaven it is time for their break

I  secretly look what it is that they make

Twelve sheets of paper all showing my figure of speech:

Three cubics, two circles and a triangle each…



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