Destination destiny


I remember

when I was a child

Ali, Ina, Maarten

my father would sent me a letter

from some far away port

my imagination traveled better

but the secret

was not revealed

as his letters were formal and short

if we joined him on some voyage

we would get the general idea

of foreign ports and being far away

but it was not enough for me

I wanted for myself to see

what it was to be so far from home

and I did see some amazing places

always an adventure just to roam

never sure where the train may take you

and to be invited to some stranger’s home



you can see your destination in advance

every corner of the world has been filmed

and you can take a glance

it is all on Google earth

so why bother going at all



you want to send your child a precious letter

a vague impression shown

but not revealing much

just a little touch

of a destiny unknown


entry for jingle poetry potluck

Comments on: "Destination destiny" (12)

  1. awww this was a sweet piece and quite enjoyable. I love to travel and actually traveling with my babies and seeing the world through their eyes, sure something to cherish πŸ™‚

    I hope you kept those letters, if the story is a part of you

    • Thank you Life πŸ™‚ traveling with children might be the best we can give them. I loved sailing ith my father, he was a merchant marine (captain/ first mate, second mate )
      Yes this story is part of me.I kept one letter at least, there weren’t that many as my father was not found of writing. I am thinking of writing a letter, paper, slow mail one, to my son who is away for a Highschool year in the States. I never wrote him one in his life!

  2. What a wonderful journey!!

  3. belfastdavid said:

    Letters through the mail.
    Almost never any more
    And yet I love
    a letter through the post.

    Write your son that letter Ina

  4. this was a sweet memory form you childhood…

  5. Lovely thoughts. I remember those letters… I missed the waiting with excitement πŸ™‚

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