This must not go






The  scent of the ripened fruit you eat

While I am sitting quiet at your feet

And just the whisper of the undertow

This must not go


Watching your  fedora out of reach

rolling  away over the empty beach

And just the whisper of the undertow

This must not go


The comfort of your body  being near

The soundless spoken words so very  dear

And just the whisper of the undertow

This must not go



(picture made by my husband Toussaint, Terschelling West beach)


Comments on: "This must not go" (30)

  1. all too often we allow the little things to be forgotten…
    a memorable write !

  2. Few words – much meaning – and I love the photo!

  3. belfastdavid said:

    Lovely picture.

    I could sit for ages just watching that scene and listening to the whisper of the undertow.

    Beautiful poem Ina

    • Thank you David 🙂 The undertow (“branding” in Dutch) is always right, but not always whispering!

  4. this is lovely and romantic. perfect for a sunday afternoon 😀 xx

  5. Beautiful Ina..!!!

    This one is so dreeeeeaamy- mmm
    Hugs xx

  6. Jessica said:

    That’s sweet yet powerful, Ina.
    I like the image of the hat rolling away!

  7. lovely words and photo! 🙂

  8. i enjoyed this very much!

  9. It is the moment itself that “must not go”! Great picture. It looks like an African beach, except for the beautiful clouds…

    • Thank you seabell, it is the beach here, the cloudy skies can be spectaculair 🙂 I would trade some of them for a little more sunshine perhaps?

  10. love the sweet sentiments,
    stay near,
    be dear…


    Happy Potluck.

  11. nice poem ina and by the way your hubby is such a great artist! here’s my potluck..

    • Thank you fiveloaf! My husband just clicked on the camera button 🙂 but it looks like a painting!

  12. Another beautiful piece, Ina – I’m really enjoying all your work.

  13. A.B. Thomas said:

    a beautiful piece~

  14. Sina Saberi said:

    i wish none of it had to ever go! but life is cruel at times; or people are!

    nice work

    Bliss ~

  15. Very beautiful. I love the delicacy of the images.

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