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When at night

fears come to do the dance macabre in cold uneasy dreams

And thick darkness can’t hide those images of doom

No sanctuary is this room

Till daylight comes they haunt the restless sleeper

The reaper then runs  off, the job undone

The sleep is not yet gone

In fact, is getting deeper

Dream on dreamer, just dream on





Thank you for leaving me behind




you took the ferry  without me

and didn’t talk about returning

separation, an indifferent  sea

while my heart just kept  on yearning


I couldn’t be with you

and sunshine didn’t  comfort me

the way it used to do

as with you I longed to be


of course I knew that this was better

no future was there for our love

still I did hope for a letter

wishing you would care enough


I was  sixteen, you three times my age

yes I know this was insanity, outrage

but you showed me I could trust

and what love is without lust


thank you for leaving me behind

it was not mean to do, but kind



entry for jingle thursday’s rally

I can’t download the awards, so a pic of them altogether is all I can do. Thanks Jingle  🙂

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