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The model


So I sit here completely naked and cold

In front of this art class of men young and old

Trying hard not to feel awkward at all

I shiver a bit on the stool that’s too small

Hearing the pencils  drawing my curves

I am smiling away what is left of my nerves

Someone is coughing, but no body speaks

A chair’s loudly moved and the door slightly shreeks

Alone with twenty four eyes watching me

From nine till eleven in my nudity

And then thank heaven it is time for their break

I  secretly look what it is that they make

Twelve sheets of paper all showing my figure of speech:

Three cubics, two circles and a triangle each…



Don’t go silently away




Don’t go silently away

Please let me know

in advance

that it’is  time to silently say

that you go

But promise to be back one day

if you have the chance


Silently go when it’s time for our eyes

after they’ve said all their soundless goodbyes

Silently go but

don’t silently leave

before saying to me

that you’d much rather stay


Tell it  to me with your eyes

as I know they will  tell me no lies

and it is them I can truely believe

when you leave






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