Holiday plans




Let’s not go to Egypt right now

Although it is said to be save


Let’s not go to France

We are too old for romance

Well you are 😛

Let’s not go to Greece or to Spain


Let’s not go to Finland and not to Hong Kong

And if this was not a poem but some kind of song

I would think of a silly refrain

Let’s not go to places by boat nor by  train

Not by car and certainly nowhere by plane

Let’s go nowhere at all

Let’s wait till it’s fall

And till then let’s just stay where we are

It is safe, it is cheap and  most important  of all

It is not far

Not far

Let’s stay home till they sorted things out everywhere

and I still refuse to go places by air!





Comments on: "Holiday plans" (33)

  1. NotATameLion said:

    I really like this poem. Especially the rhyme with refrain.

    A weird free association–It reminds me of Socrates’s brag at his trial about never having left Athens except for military service.


  2. Yeah! No place like home. Good for you. Nice poem.

  3. There are pirates out at sea,
    But that doesn’t frighten me,
    There are storms in the sky,
    But I still have an urge to fly,
    I read your poem about home,
    Now I’ve lost my will to roam.

    Think I’ll stay home and write. Thanks for sharing.

  4. belfastdavid said:

    And if we stay here
    we can spend
    rainy Sundays
    pleasantly content
    in our pyjamas 🙂

  5. Cool poem, home is good and so is that happy place in our heads.
    Way better than Egypt right now i’d say. lol

  6. waited so long to be free to roam,
    now everything is so crazy
    guess I will just stay home.
    Nice poem Ina,

  7. Scent of my heart said:

    Ha! Ina … funny vacation plans you’ve got. I’d go to all these places at once if I had the chance …

  8. Jessica said:

    This is lovely, Ina! A little different from the others I’ve read of yours.
    I think home is the safe bet sometimes too!

  9. ahaha! perfect place where you are! 🙂

  10. lovely roam around the world.
    in poetry, smiles…


  11. I know the feeling… A real nice read!

  12. Oh!
    But there’s so much to see, to learn, to taste, to smell. Tell you what… I’ll travel enough for the two of us!

  13. all true ina. the turmoil and turbulences in the streets is no longer ideally safer than our own abode.. thank you for sharing this! my late potluck haha-

  14. I really like this Ina…a good read and write.

  15. Ahh..home sweet home!! 🙂
    Loved this poem, Ina… in all its simplicity, it has layers and layers of meaning to it…
    Really beautifully written!!

  16. theberrygirl said:

    jack johnson’s ‘banana pancakes’ comes to mind…
    a fun piece — it’s nice to see some lighthearted poetry, even if it touches on some serious topics..

    • Thank you berry girl 🙂 Yes, and of course we must all go to the pyramyds as soon as it is really safe!

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