The Last Lover




Will you be the last lover

the one to hold me in my hour of fear

will you be the one then

to kiss away the pain and,  if any, a tear


The white curtains moved

when the window was open

the breeze from the sea

was caressing my skin


It is getting so dark now

as the light has been fading

and I forgot:  have I, or not,  let you in?


Will you be near me in my darkness

or will it just be

the breeze of the sea

whispering a farewell to me?


Will the sea be

my lover

at last




entry for jingle’s poetry

Comments on: "The Last Lover" (26)

  1. belfastdavid said:

    You do write the most beautiful bitter-sweet love poems.

    I am not sure whether I wanted to smile or to cry.


  2. Scent of my heart said:

    Will you be near me in my darkness

    or will it just be

    the breeze of the sea

    whispering a farewell to me?

    So much hold in this question! Beautiful and the sad feeling is bearable, the way your words came out …

  3. This is very delicate Ina, and has a lovely underlying rhythm, almost a melody.

  4. And you mentioned the sea again! I love the idea of the sea being your lover. You have a distinctive style which becomes more evident the more I read your poems, Ina.

  5. lovely style you have ina and also, thank you for your vote- i am truly humbled.. here’s my potluck..

  6. I am washed with emotions by the beautiful flow of your words 🙂

  7. beautiful images here… love the understatement about the true nature of the lover 😉

  8. the answer shall be yes,,

    beautiful wonders…lovely penned.

  9. So nice to read about the presence of the sea…

  10. Just who wouldn’t want to be the lover of such a free- spirit?
    The flow was so satin like.. almost dreamy! 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead
    Love xox

  11. Oh my god.. this has such a haunting quality to it… it’s simply beautiful, Ina!!
    This one really touches me, my dear… the sadness between the lines was immense.. and yet, I sensed some odd sort of peace in there.. as if you just KNEW that it’s going be be alright now..

    REALLY liked the flow of this poem… A LOT!

  12. A lovely piece, Ina; it has a gentle rhythm to it that made me think of the sea as I read it. Very nice indeed.

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