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Little Thriller

He pointed his gun in front of him when he smoothly, without a sound, entered the bedroom. There was the body, on the bed. Not a sound was to be heard, outside, nor inside.
He quickly checked the well furnished, yet dated bedroom. Paisley wallpaper, brown beige carpet, lots of family pics. Nice big family. He smiled.
Then he got a scare. Right in front of him, there stood a hissing tiger. As calm as possible, he stared at the animal till it jumped out of the window.
He sighed. Relieved. So far, so good. He approached the big double bed with roses on the covers that looked very familiar… but a noise behind him made him turn around. His hand trembled as he aimed. It was the door that fell shut.
The body moved.

“O hi sweetie, good thing that gun is red and plastic or you would have given me a real scare! Come and sit with your gran so I can give you a hug! Happy 4th birthday boy! Now where is Kitty?”

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