Terschelling 19 dec. 2010 Rusty guns foto: Toussaint Schroders



The battle axes won’t be melted soon
This peace on earth is just a phrase
But you and I made up no day too soon
So let me give you this embrace

The silent nights that we are hoping for
They won’t be keeping us awake
By sunset we’ll just close and bolt the door
Since silent night is give and take




Jingle Potluck


Terschelling 19 december 2010 foto: Toussaint Schroders

Comments on: "Midwinter" (34)

  1. This was singing in my head so I thought I better write it down. Not a poem perhaps, but a song? 🙂

  2. It would be a great song, Ina! Almost as great as this one:

  3. Such an interesting poem.
    It’s not easy to give a poem, especially one this short so many different dimensions.

  4. What a beautiful one here..!!
    Short n yet made me float through different dimensions.. 🙂

    Wishing you a very Happy Weekend!!

  5. belfastdavid said:


    What a lovely thought.

    You stay warm and safe behind that bolted door this Christmas 🙂

    Happy Christmas

  6. I feel the solitude and the quiet.
    Very nice.

  7. Thank you Debi! 🙂

  8. http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/ this poem is an entry for this weeks Sunday Rally (entered on Monday oh well 🙂 )

  9. have a joyful christmas! i like this! mine’s here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/painted-hallways/

  10. Love the idea of ‘silent night’ being linked to personal relationships. Very dreamy.


  11. very interesting and well done poem:)

  12. Sweet little rhymes, and so true…there’s still axes, there’s still chaos just beyond, for a for a little while at least, one can try and enjoy…Happy Holidays to you! Hope you’re safe behind the bolted door.

  13. @Fiveloaf: thank you and a merry christmas to you too!
    @Jessica: thank you too!
    @david waters: thanks!

  14. @dancingfreak and @ Chris G.: Thank you also!

    And every one happy holidays!

  15. love your work,
    elegant and remarkable..

    have fun!


  16. That’s the way it is in my neighborhood.

  17. @Jingle : thanks very much!
    @Words: thank you too!
    @ booguloo : lol bolted doors or rusty guns? 🙂

  18. I think, perhaps, there is a song in the words. Very good.


  19. Thank you Tim! 🙂

  20. Everyone: Merry Christmas! Hope to be back online after boxing day 🙂

  21. gracefulglider said:

    peace on earth is just a phrase…
    sadly true

  22. Woooooo… I can’t put into words the feelings stirred in my heart by this poem. Magnificent.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  23. Season’s Greetings!
    You are nominated, you win one vote, if you nominate other poets, you win another vote 4 yourself, in addition, voting helps you exposed to other poets and make new friends in our community. Hope to see you vote..
    Merry Christmas,
    Hope to See you at potluck week 16 tomorrow…
    We will have a break after week 16, and come back on week 18…
    Your support means a world to us..

    best wishes for the year of 2011….

  24. Hi Jagdish bali, gracefulglider, wordsworthmillions and Jingle 🙂 Thank you very much!

    Jingle I am not sure I have the time but I will try 🙂 Thank you!

  25. Beautiful, a very clever way to voice such an idea.

  26. Thank you Imcgregor!

  27. Thanks james!

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