One winternight stand




If shelter was what you came looking for

Or the warmth of my bed

Or the arms I  put around you

-And it was all that you needed, you said –


Then why was it not enough

Later, early, in the hard  morning light

when the snow silenced all other life

when it was still too cold to be outside?


How come you went away then

Again, leaving me shattered,

and fighting my tears

the candle still burning bright

Why? After all: these cold years,

should they  not have mattered?


Your footsteps are fading  now

covered with snow,

you are gone now


don’t come back, don’t come back to me, never

don’t do this again


come back


Oh, you are returning now

The candle still burning

Yes I give in again, not aware of a reason

Against better judgement

our love warmth reburning




nominated and given the Jingle perfect poets award.

this poem is an entry for the Poetry Potluck

list of winners! 🙂

Comments on: "One winternight stand" (57)

  1. Mental Climax said:

    it was so good i read it twice.

    the use of the words is you powerful that you can draw the emotion right away.

    keep on writing! have a nice day.

  2. Thank you very much MC! Have a nice day too!

  3. Then why was it not enough

    Later, early, in the hard morning light

    when the snow silenced all other life

    when it was still too cold to be outside?..

    perfect rhymes,
    beautiful imagery…
    enjoyed your entry, thanks a lot for the contribution!
    have fun!

  4. i relate to this so much. it takes me back to that place of humility and regret of allowing one to hurt me so. sorry if i took it all wrong, but maybe its the mood i have been in. winter blues 😦 not so good ya know lol! your penning is beautiful!

    • Hi Kellie, you were in the spamfilter, don’t know why.
      Thank you very much! Yes it can be harsh, so I decided for a happy ending. Sort of.

  5. Beautifully written. This happens to a lot of people!

  6. This is sad. Don’t let those kind of guys take advantage of you.
    Although, the truth is, we all let ourselves get taken advantage of every once and a while.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautifully written, Ina! I can feel the cold snow as it crumbles on the floor.

    Have you ever considered getting an electric blanket? Lol!

  8. Good job of expressing a universal emotion and making it all your own. I identify with every word you wrote, even though I finally learned how to bar the door–life’s a battle sometimes. Good piece, well-written.

  9. Thank you tootsie, fyodor, thinker belle and hedgewitch 🙂

  10. Very beautiful imagination..
    Take a look on my poetry..

  11. somewhere else said:

    I appreciate the reality of your sentiments – this it really feels like – not at all what the movies show for one thing…we all really should know the truth

  12. Oh I understand…
    Lovely sentiments…and a beautiful poem 🙂

  13. I’d say you have a wonderful grasp of English! Thanks for sharing this piece for the rally!

  14. Hi Ashbeezone, thank you very much and I will hop over to your site!
    Thank you somewhere else, Sumit Sarkar and Julielaing 🙂
    😳 you are making me blush!

  15. Yes I give in again, not aware of a reason

    Against better judgement

    our love warmth reburning

    ..I feel you…it definitely be’s like that sometimes…enjoyed your words. (^_^)

  16. Thank you dasuntoucha 🙂

  17. Very good Ina, reading and reading and then it ends……… give me more 🙂 very good write Ina

  18. Thanks for the acceptance…
    have a lovely day…

    see you at potluck tomorrow, hopefully.

  19. Great poem. Unfortunately, I have been there and done that more than I care to admit 🙂

  20. I guess love feels so wonderful sometimes that it can erase the memory of pain. Or perhaps it’s just scary to be alone. This is a passionate piece, wonderfully written!

  21. belfastdavid said:

    Been there, done that!

    Again and again!!

    The warmth, the love, always silencing the pain. and I would do it again tomorrow

  22. Does a little love really make all the pain worthwhile???
    beautiful poem….

  23. congrats on the award, lovely posting on love.. here’s mine!

  24. Jessicas Japes said:

    Like the twist around at the end, caught me out! Well written.

  25. A strongly written poem and quite human. Well done and congrats on your award.

    Poem on…
    Happy Potluck!

  26. Ina, you really bring the reader into the emotional response of this woman who seems to be used and abandoned…and then it all happens again. I love that you have set it in winter which only adds to the chill of the experience.

  27. suzicate said:

    Powerful emotion, love has a way of drawing us back in where we swear we will never again venture. good work.

  28. Thanks for linking up…
    lovely entry,
    have fun!


    • Hi jingle thanks, I couldn’t open the links of the participants so I sort of hopped around from blog to blog 🙂

  29. Living with regrets can be tough… yet still the yearning burns.

  30. Ina, what a heartache! What a heartbreak! Broke my heart to read this.. but oh so true for some men to be.. so hard hearted.. that they tread softly away.. silently..

  31. beautiful and evocative… I loved the line “when the snow silenced all other life” Well done.

  32. Powerful, painful and emotional.
    Excellent poem

  33. Kim Pugliano said:

    Wow. You just summed up my 20s. Awesome. Seriously.

  34. Pretty deep… You can feel for the jilted narrator here. Really digging the setting, too.

  35. Thanks Té! Not jilted, he came back in the last verse 🙂

  36. Beautiful, something easy to relate to.

  37. Full of loss, longing and bittersweet emotions. I loved it.

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