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One winternight stand




If shelter was what you came looking for

Or the warmth of my bed

Or the arms I  put around you

-And it was all that you needed, you said –


Then why was it not enough

Later, early, in the hard  morning light

when the snow silenced all other life

when it was still too cold to be outside?


How come you went away then

Again, leaving me shattered,

and fighting my tears

the candle still burning bright

Why? After all: these cold years,

should they  not have mattered?


Your footsteps are fading  now

covered with snow,

you are gone now


don’t come back, don’t come back to me, never

don’t do this again


come back


Oh, you are returning now

The candle still burning

Yes I give in again, not aware of a reason

Against better judgement

our love warmth reburning




nominated and given the Jingle perfect poets award.

this poem is an entry for the Poetry Potluck

list of winners! 🙂

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