The foghorn hauling


the foghorn hauling

while the moist air takes our breath

it is so hard to say goodbye in November

darkness and the smell of death

the cold mist

and the tired ferry blows its whistle hoarse

and sad

what of this day will you remember?

the lighthouse slowly turns its beams over my head

forever gone the tired ferry

hollow footsteps in our street

an early neighbour on his bike

says nothing, he just nods his head

a million tears are spread

in the moister lighthouse light

the foghorn hauling


you walked with me to the early ferry

yourΒ  smell so sweet

of night and warm of love

the foghorn cried when I last embraced you

we whispered : bye

as you turned round to go back home

I saw you cry

saying goodbye

in November is so hard

as the ferry met the sea

I could still hear

the foghorn hauling

Comments on: "The foghorn hauling" (12)

  1. In America this is the 47th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy. Though many think a lone gunman could not have done what Lee Harvey Oswald did in ’63, I’ve been to that spot and think it could have easily been accomplished by a single person.

    …a million tears are spread”

    Accurate description!

    Great poem…several interpretations, I suppose. But, I’ll take it at face value and try to imagine your island.

  2. So what was Oswalds motive? He just didn’t like JFK? Why did this Jack Ruby shut him up? I am not sure it was a one man’s job, then I was never in the US lol so no idea. I don’t remember JFK’s death, as we didn’t have tv then. He was a very good president and thanks to him WWIII didn’t happen. Right?

    Thank you. More interpretations? 😳 Not sure that is good lol. πŸ™‚

    • We’ll never truly know what his motive was since Ruby killed him. However, he (Oswald) was Russian, and during that time there was always a struggle between capitalism and communism. Did he stop the Cuban missile crisis? I don’t know. The military did, however.

      WWIII? Do you think WWII is really over, yet?

      A lot of conspiracy theories were born from his death. Jim Mars is one who writes about the conspiracy…he was a college student in the area at the time. A lot of lawyers jumped on it, too. They have not been able to get full disclosure from the government to this day. Of course, who really needs to know anyway? It’s like bringing those Nazi criminals to trial. Who cares after this many years? Recently, one such war criminal died before his trial; he was 89, IIRC. (That’s why Wikileaks is a bad thing…they may be hunting our guys down in the future; people who had no choice being tormented in their elder years).

      Many believe he was allowed to ride with the top off so someone could shoot him. (Like the Bolshevik killing, IIRC….my mind is going…someone in another country got gunned down in a similar fashion). If you’ve ever seen the area (I would bet there are photos online), it could have been a “turkey shoot” from any given area.

      Of course, they tried to connect Ruby to the mafia, like most journalist do, but could never quite pull it off.

      1963….somewhere between the Korean War and the “Police Action” in Vietnam; both communist countries. (BTW, have you heard the Korean War may be starting up again? )

      • WWII ended with a big bang on Hiroshima and Nagasaki I think? All the wars after that were more or less local. I read there Oswald went to Russia wanting to become a Russian citizen, he called himself a Marxist. So yes I suppose you are right and that is why he wanted to kill, or was ordered to kill by the Sovjets, JFK?

        N-Korea is trying out what they can do before they get into trouble with the rest of the world, so it seems. They say they have nukes. Scary country. The people over there are starving to death, the leaders are complete morons and the soldiers are like robots. And have you seen their newsreader? Jeez.

  3. belfastdavid said:

    So sad,

    The last verse was very powerful


  4. This is great.
    A slightly sad undertone but told really well

  5. cute piece.
    love the flow…

  6. Thank you Jingle!

  7. I could feel the longing and bittersweet feelings in this, as well as the sadness and love. Nicely done!

  8. Thank you for your kind words!

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