Old oak



October. When you left me and went, it was Fall

And I was such a mess, hurting so bad

It was when that tree started to grow really tall

It grew and many storms it has had


Every year it got taller and stronger

In Summer it gave me shelter and shade

October again now, I wait for you  no longer

The tree lost its leaves again, colours will fade


Now  there is a light shining behind the tree

In the sky, a shining star so  very bright

In Orion,  that first I could not see

When the tree was in the way of the light


You won’t come back, but seasons keep returning

When there is need of shade , the leaves be there

And in Winter, the star I shall see burning

So worry not, for me you need not care



entry for Jingle’s potluck


Comments on: "Old oak" (51)

  1. link to leo: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/z-to-a-in-26-days-nov-13th-o-for-obituary/

    This poem Old oak is my entry for ” z to a in 26 days, the letter o”. I just happened to find this a moment ago so I had to hurry. Great idea!

  2. Most excellent, Ina! Here’s a link I hope you’ll enjoy:

  3. lovely one….

  4. So awesome. Nothing is wiser and has been through more than the oak. Love the way you projected yourself onto one. Check out my blog – I know you’ll like it!

  5. Thank you gnarlyoak. I will read some of your work there.

  6. Very sweet, I love oak trees

  7. Thank you Glory 🙂 They are very impressive. And can become very old.

  8. fabulous you,

    apt words,
    beautiful for poets rally,
    Thanks for the contribution to poets rally.

  9. Great poem Ina,

  10. This is such a great metaphor for the growth and strength that comes with working through life’s pain.


  11. I was taught the best time to prune a tree is when the leaves have dropped–you see so much more of the structure. And also, of course,whatever else the leaves are hiding. Good metaphor.

  12. What a lovely way to say: Life goes on! And it does, even after heartbreak. 🙂

  13. Jessicas Japes said:

    Really cute, I like the way you describe the process of moving on, or trying to! Well done.


  14. Beautiful poem. It speaks a lot about positive outlook towards like which takes time but one realises in life. Life does go on no matter how many leave.


  15. Lovely poem!

  16. Dear,

    It seemed I have read this earlier.. 🙂
    Something to do with the way of expressing the feeling! I have been there, only never waited for anyone. I switch off n on in split second. Maybe to save feeling hurt!!

    I could almost see myself standing there watching that Oak, and count the numbers of days- turning into month- into – years..

    Although it was not a happy one, but you came back mush stronger.. 🙂
    Love xxx

  17. Thank you very much for your comment Olivia! 🙂 yes it was a bit sad perhaps.

  18. a poem of hope; beautiful. 🙂

  19. Independence is a blessing– a lovely write!

  20. lovely poem 🙂

    the way u compared nature to ur pain is good 😀

  21. lovely positive poem… empowering as well. 🙂

    Swept Away

  22. Now this is fantabulous! A very stylishly mature penning.

  23. beautiful, very visual

  24. Thanks for displaying the awards.

  25. Lovely. (and isn’t it annoying how some move on and never even glance back?).

  26. Hi Talon, thanks for your visit 🙂 lol well sometimes perhaps it is better not to look back?
    I saw your site, beautiful!

  27. for you,,,enjoy:

  28. Nice 🙂 thank you!

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