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We met again by chance




The stench of yesterdays fish

Glistering wet sidewalks

No traffic. England at night


There you were, so bloody handsome

There I was, so bloody young

Slipped away from  parental sight


I was shivering and your coat too big for me

It smelt of sweat, wet dogs and aftershave

The pub was near, ‘t was called “The Bloody Knight”


You bought me a shandy, I wanted wine, the smoke of hundreds of cigarettes fading your face,  melting it all togeter

I got sick, threw up in the loo

Of the  bloody knight


Both with no money, one drink was already too dear

The cold fresh air , the romance was over

As  we hurried outside


Eight years later we met again, by accident or fate

You recognized me on that train

On your way to that early flight


You bought me wine

And gave me your coat again

And now we spent the night








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