Long lost friend

Against the sweet colors of the setting sun

the clouds started to fade when there existence had just begun

and when I wanted to shut my curtains down, well there he was.

His face had wrinkles now, his hair was white but still I knew he came for me, and I was right.

We drank all night

not many words were shared

under the cover

and when the clouds came back again, and sunlight shone again, he went.

I may never see him back again, never hear his voice still I know

he is my friend

more so than he was my lover

I wrote and published this poem on Growing Bolder on 22 August 2010, and also on Open Salon.

Also entered on Helium 4 Nov. 2010 and Thursday Poets Rally week 32

entered for thursday poets rally week 32

Comments on: "Long lost friend" (37)

  1. To celebrate your new post:

  2. stunning image.
    thanks for sharing.
    love your talent here.

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    Happy Thursday!

  4. Wow, thank you very much! 🙂 That is great! I will!

  5. welcome!
    have fun!

  6. Good post mate. The difference between friend and lover is so marginal.. how would you want to make it clear if you were to?

  7. Some good lovers make lousy friends? Just a guess. Thank you Vinay!

  8. lol I see now I wrote : “there existence” instead of ” their existence”, but it works as well I think. Maybe better.

  9. beautiful poem.. intimacy in both love and friendship? 🙂

    My Entry For The Rally

  10. Beautiful picture and a story ..nice

  11. Welcome to the Thursday Rally!

    I am pleased to share creative space with you!

  12. Traffic will come in from all kinds of directions,
    make up your mind and get it done….

    or take a break from the computer for 2 hours, come back.
    you will have some fun, I am sure.

  13. Hi Lovely Annie, I am pleased to be in that space too 🙂

  14. lovely.
    a love found and lost
    held in memory
    yearning maybe
    fondness certainly

  15. more so he was my love, like a shakespeare… wonderfully done..

    Three Knots

    Happy Rally !

    –Someone Is Special–

  16. awesome one 😀

  17. Thank you loveblushfever, Somone is special and megzone! 🙂 Happy rally to you too!

  18. Jessicas Japes said:

    That’s very moving, and maybe a good friend is more important than a good lover. I liked the way you ‘unwrapped’ this story.


  19. Thank you very much Jessica! 🙂

  20. I guess that if after two lovers have parted ways, they remain friends, it’s a testament to the beauty of their relationship, even though they didn’t work out as planned. Having said that, I still wouldn’t like to end up as “just friends” with my present lover.

    Lovely poem; both nostalgic and sweet. 🙂


    • It is nice to stay friends, always my opinion too, but some relations end with broken hearts I suppose, and then it is hard. Thank you very much for your comment!

  21. the poem let me into share this moment, complete in thought and form… nice imagery.

  22. lol I wanted to use just the upper half of the pic, but I don’t do photo shop stuff 🙂

  23. Well done! Lovely poem, I really enjoyed reading!

  24. Kelly Hay said:

    Here’s to lovers … who are also our friends!

  25. http://www.nrc.nl/kunst/article2639524.ece/Regenboog_begeleidt_Mulisch_naar_laatste_rustplaats

    Today was the funeral of the greatest Dutch writer Harry Mulisch. He died age 83. He was author of “The discovery of Heaven” and many other books. Most of them are translated in English as well as in other languages.


    His funeral was broadcasted live (sic). When the boat with his coffin sailed under the Utrechtsebrug, a rainbow appeared in the sky and remained there until the boat arrived at the burrial place.


    • Very interesting….the rainbow appearing, that is. Thanks for sharing!

      Congratulations on winning an award for your poem-I knew it was terrific!

  26. 🙂 ty. I am busy reading other poems to nominate one. I think I know which one it will be 🙂

  27. “he is my friend
    more so than he was my lover”

    what a great ending!

  28. Thank you glitteringsootonhereyelashes 🙂

  29. Maybe i read too much Heinlein growing up, but i always found my best lovers to be my best friends, and vice versa. The friend was always the more important part, the lover was bonding the friend. Your poem stirred up a lot of old thoughts and memories – good job.

    my rally:

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