Okay, this is a serious matter: Saturday a week ago, a human foot was found on the beach here on Terschelling.  A family who was taking a walk found the macabre body part, that was still in a sock. A shoe was found nearby, and the remains were taken to Den Helder where DNA research will be done.

Horrific find.

But that is not all. Another foot has been found, more than a month ago: a right foot, size 46  (so probably male) but this time the finding was done in Hull in Great Britain, across the North Sea.  The connection with the other foot was made because the manufacturer of the shoes was contacted twice: once about the right shoe and once about the left one. The feet are probably from one and the same person.

Whose feet are they? How did they end up on the beach, here and there?

Although it is a bit creepy, it is interesting as well.

Hull is quite a bit away from Terschelling.  Any suggestions?

A few years ago, thousands of shoes washed ashore here.

And I also wrote about dangling shoes in the tree across the street.

Not that one thing has something to do with the other. Or… do they… :mrgreen:

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  1. Great post, Ina! I think “does it” would be better, but “do they” sounds more American. Lol!

    I recall feet washing ashore a few years back, maybe in Washington or somewhere. They said the currents could carry the macabre parts, as they often fall off the copse at sea, thousands of miles.

    If that isn’t the case, you’ll find out soon enough if people start going missing on your island and turning up dead. If they start the “serial killer” program in your area to draw attention to something like athletes foot, maybe you should leave the porch light on at night.

    Hopefully, those shoes in the tree were put there from islanders that made off with the “catch” of the day. I can just see them swinging them and tossing them in the air on their way back home-one pair didn’t make it.

    • I suppose it was an accident at sea.

      A few years ago a man fell into the harbour here, drunk, and his body washed ashore months later on a German island. And I once threw a message in a bottle overboard on the North Sea that emerged only about 25 years later in Denmark.

      But for a body to wash ashore on both sides of the North Sea, is strange I think.

  2. Jeesh! I just found this on the net:

    The drug cartel in Mexico has put a price on the sheriff of Phoenix head. Unbelievable! The man must be 80 years old!

    Go screw yourselves Mexican drug lords! We don’t want your crap here!

    And, that goes for you, too Julio. I got your number 885-3288

  3. This will get you in the goobie. This is what the socialist movement looks like in our country I suppose:

  4. If you go back and read some of the blogs when the Anthony case first started, you’ll find many of them wanted George to “go to Mexico” to look for Caylee. They were taunting him!

    This is how they get their volunteers. Through kidnapping and murder. They will hide behind the volunteers that searched or passed out fliers or anything related to the case.

    These people are supposed to do the work of the police and do their own jobs, too. Being continually threatened and harassed. They will recruit from the colleges to do the harassing and importing of illegals and the exporting of children. Thus: the missing computer of the college teacher named Zenaida Gonzals, I think.

    Not only are these people responsible for Mexicans, they are supposed to round up terrorist, too. It wouldn’t matter because the police wouldn’t take it seriously anyway. It’s a loose-lose situation.

    Our nation is being dominated by terrorist activity more now that ever before. The feds are just playing their silly games and making things worse on the citizens. They were pulling this crap prior to 9/11 and their still at it.

  5. OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh-weeeeeeeee, look what I found:

    This explains alot! I think this describes the Hokeymeter to a TEeeeeeeeee.

    The other night, around midnight, I saw a police officer near where the boy was found hanged in his garage Thanksgiving Day. I suspected they were trying out their “ghost” technique on them, too. Those damn Nephelim!

    She is covering a missing child in Oregon now. I can only imagine all the false leads they have to chase down from the vigilante posses. Her piece on Hurricane Katrina convinced me she is a trouble maker. Most of those people were black, homeless due to the disaster, and probably already poor to begin with. Nothing like a little hysteria to calm their already shell-shocked nerves. And, it may explain the continual policing I get when I leave the area…..”God is watching you!”

    I don’t need “Help From Above,” I need these terrorist to stay out of my home and away from me on the highway!

  6. These people are morons. What they and the hokeymeter have in common-UFOs, religious zealots, The New World Order, and insanity. These people even have their own code of law:

    • What is that all about a new world order? Do we want a world order? I settle for peace and more wealth to the needy lol.

  7. And, they have this in common: “EARTH IS AN INSANE ASYLUM, TO WHICH THE OTHER PLANETS DEPORT THEIR LUNATICS.” -Voltaire (Memnon the Philosopher)

    Recall her use of a military dr. that used mind control. Maybe these two are related and are using religious abuse to justify their means. Or, maybe it is a government site.

    From http://www.fbi.gov/page2/oct07/snipers102207.html
    October 2: Man killed while crossing a parking lot in Wheaton, Maryland
    October 3: Five more murders, four in Maryland and one in D.C.
    October 4: Woman wounded while loading her van at Spotsylvania Mall
    October 7: 13-year-old-boy wounded at a school in Bowie, Maryland
    October 9: Man murdered near Manassas, Virginia, while pumping gas
    October 11: Man shot dead near Fredericksburg, Virginia, while pumping gas
    October 14: FBI analyst Linda Franklin killed near Falls Church, Virginia
    October 19: Man wounded outside a steakhouse in Ashland, Virginia
    October 22: A bus driver, the final victim, killed in Aspen Hill, Maryland
    October 24: Muhammad and Malvo arrested in Maryland

    The snipers’ car at a Maryland rest stop
    Just a few hours earlier, at approximately 11:45 p.m., their dark blue 1990 Chevy Caprice—bearing the New Jersey license plate NDA-21Z, which had been widely publicized on the news only hours earlier—had been spotted at a rest stop parking lot off I-70 in Maryland (see photos right). Within the hour, law enforcement swarmed the scene, setting up a perimeter to check out any movements and make sure there’d be no escape.

    Note the last three digits of the license plate #–21Z
    Look again at the stolen sign from Auschwitz and tell me why the “B” is upside down. Does it say: Work Make Free or does it say Work makes One free?

    • Arbeit macht Frei: Labour makes free. Labour liberates.

      • Do you really think the Germans would have let a Polish prisoner get by with anything…especially a mistake in the sign of one of their most prestigious camps which was home to Mengele and the like? These Nazis got their start on college campuses-first burning books, then burning people.

        A link with photo: http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/bookburn.htm

        “”German-Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine, had stated, “Where books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.””

        In addition, are college protesters really wise enough to make those type of choices, or, are they simply using gang mentality and using what they’ve learned in the language arts to persuade others?

  8. Furthermore, many of the drug cartels in Mexico had their beginnings on American Army bases. Here’s a link: http://peoplesworld.org/behind-the-massacre-in-mexico/

    As World War I approached, rumor had it that the Germans were helping Mexican bandits. In 1917 the Zimmerman Note was discovered proposing awarding the Southwest U.S. to Mexico if it would join Germany in the war. That meant more Texans along the border. During Prohibition the Big Bend area was perfect for mule trains of booze coming in, so the Rangers, with federal officials, took up the chase.

    When World War II began, National Guard troops were called up to join the Coast Guard in watching the Rio. During more recent times, U.S. Marines were sent to the Texas border to patrol. That plan was called off when a Marine shot and killed a Mexican youth who turned out to be a shepherd. But let’s not treat armed forces on the Rio as something drastic and new.

    The Zodiac Killer became popular in the late 60’s, as popular as LSD, the Beatles, and long hair. Was this a serial killer, or a string of killers unleashed on the population?

    Which war are we fighting-WWI, WWII, Vietnam…what?

  9. According to Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer, Hitler remained a formal member of the Catholic Church until his death, although it was Speer’s opinion that “he had no real attachment to it.”[11] source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler%27s_religious_views

    From the same page: Hitler expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition and directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy.

    I’ve showed you this once before-Peter being crucified upside down:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crucifixion_of_St._Peter_%28Caravaggio%29

  10. Never knew he was Catholic.

    If the sign was placed on purpose, by design, what would be the thought behind it?

    • The Jews denied Christ; this is well known.
      Many of the others that were murdered didn’t fit the criteria of the Aryan design the Nazis had for Europe (JMO)

      Maybe, just maybe, this was a backhanded apology to those that were Christians that died anyway. If you notice, ONE is omitted in the sign. Do the Germans really speak without direction? Work makes whom free?

      Does work make God free?
      Does work make the imprisoned (YOU) free? Of course not!

      The irony is: Christ denied the the Catholic type churches of his time.

      • Arbeit macht frei was used before the nazi’s used the phrase. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei
        ” The expression comes from the title of an 1873 novel by German philologist Lorenz Diefenbach, in which gamblers and fraudsters find the path to virtue through labour. The phrase was also used, in French [“le travail rend libre!”] by Auguste Forel a Swiss myrmecologist, neuroanatomist and psychiatrist, in the 1920, 2nd Edition, of his “Fourmis de la Suisse”. In 1922, the Deutsche Schulverein of Vienna, an ethnic nationalist “protective” organization of Germans within the Austrian empire, printed membership stamps with the phrase Arbeit macht frei. The phrase was adopted in 1928 by the Weimar government as a slogan extolling the effects of their desired policy of large-scale public works programmes to end unemployment. It was continued in this usage by the NSDAP (Nazi Party) when it came to power in 1933.”

  11. It was suggested that it was a new type of letter 🙂

  12. “Van alle concentratiekampen heeft Auschwitz I de bekendste toegangspoort. Boven de ingang hangt heden ten dage nog steeds de cynische spreuk Arbeit macht frei (“Arbeid maakt vrij”), die aan de buitenkant de indruk van een werkkamp moest wekken. Opvallend is de letter de “B” uit Arbeit, die op zijn kop lijkt te staan. Een veelgehoorde verklaring hiervoor is dat dit mogelijk uit protest door de gevangenen zelf gedaan zou zijn.[10] Het is echter onwaarschijnlijk dat dit de nazi’s niet zou zijn opgevallen, of dat, als het ze wel was opgevallen, ze het vijf jaar lang zouden hebben laten zitten. Een andere verklaring luidt als volgt: in het Duitsland van die tijd werd volop geëxperimenteerd met schreefloze lettertypes. In sommige varianten werd de onderste bol van de ‘B’ kleiner weergegeven dan de bovenste.” = an experiment with lettertypes.

  13. I find this very, very interesting: Liwacz was in camp #1010

    At Auschwitz, the sign was made in 1940 by Polish political prisoners headed by Jan Liwacz (camp number 1010).[6] The upper bowl in the “B” in “ARBEIT” is wider than the lower bowl, appearing to some as upside-down. Allegedly it was made on purpose by political prisoners to make a signal about what is really going on in Auschwitz.[6] Several geometrically constructed sans-serif typefaces of the 1920s experimented with this variation.[citation needed] Prisoners in Auschwitz ridiculed the German cynicism of the slogan by saying Arbeit Macht Frei durch den Schornstein (Work brings freedom through the chimney).[7] source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei

    • Okay, I just clicked on that same link again and it reads : receving camp number 1010. Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps a Wiki troll?

      In addition: In 2008 on 110th anniversary of his birth there was an exhibition opened in Bystrzyca Kłodzka presenting his life and works. And: he was twice condemned to solitary confinement of the penal 11th Block (Found on the same page).

      Check this out…was this the beginning of binary code: 1932: C.E. Wynn-Williams “Scale of Two” counter

      Or, this: * 1875: Émile Baudot “Addition of binary strings in his ciphering system” which, eventually, lead to the ASCII of today.

      Anton Glaser, in History of Binary and other Nondecimal Numeration. Tomash. 1971. ISBN 0-938228-005. , Chapter VII Applications to Computers, cites the following Pre-ENIAC milestones.

  14. Jan Liwacz
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    September 2008, Bystrzyca Kłodzka: the exhibition “Jan Liwacz 1898-1980 – 110th anniversary of birth”

    Jan Liwacz (born 4 October 1898 in Dukla, died 22 April 1980 in Bystrzyca Kłodzka) – a master blacksmith, inmate of Auschwitz concentration camp, known for the infamous “Arbeit macht frei” slogan over the camp’s main entrance gate that he made.

    He was detained and arrested on 16 October 1939 in Bukowsko, kept in prisons of Sanok, Krosno, Kraków and Nowy Wiśnicz; he arrived at Auschwitz in its beginnings, on 20 June 1940, receiving early camp number of 1010. As a metal worker he was assigned to a kommando manufacturing camp’s infrastructure elements (gratings, handrails, banisters, chandeliers etc.). During his stay he was twice condemned to solitary confinement of the penal 11th Block in June 1942 and March 1943, spending there five weeks altogether. On 6 December 1944 he was transferred to Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, where he was kept at (Melk and Ebensee subcamps).

    After liberation of the Ebensee camp on (6 May 1945) he trekked for Poland with Alfons Wrona, his cell-mate from Auschwitz and settled in Bystrzyca Kłodzka of western Recovered Territories. Once there, he started working at local forge owned by Paul Wolf. When the Wolf family was expelled in 1946, he stayed there as an artist blacksmith. Among others, in 1953 he hand forged (free of charge, as his gift for the city) a fence for the Holy Trinity sculpture and so-called “elevation” on Freedom Square in Bystrzyca. After retirement he kept teaching artisan smithery in local vocational school. He died in 1980 and was buried in Bystrzyca Kłodzka.

    In 2008 on 110th anniversary of his birth there was an exhibition opened in Bystrzyca Kłodzka presenting his life and works.

  15. 🙂 You were first: congrats 🙂

  16. I don’t think his camp number has anything to do with the binary system.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_numeral_system though it is a very old system (and I don’t understand it lol, I just like to do binarypuzzles http://www.puzzle-magazine.com/binary-puzzle-magazine.php)

  17. Update on the feet: In Great Britain, recently 2 other feet have been found that were no match…

  18. It’s rather ironic how and whom nit-pics the words used in these cases i.e.bloggers, journalist, talk show hosts, etc.


    Diefenbauch was associated with the German Nationalist Movement of his time that pre-dated the Nazis: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Germanism as shown in the first paragraph here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenz_Diefenbach

    Binary code seemed to be a developing language on its own in the late 1800’s, which is around the time Georg Anton Lorenz Diefenbach wrote “Arbeit macht frei.” He also studied the Celtic language as well.

    A language?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baudot_code

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Grimm A friend of Diefenbach was Jakob Grimm, (who was born on my bd 4 January btw and died on the same day my mother died, 20 September. But that is just my tic, has nothing to do with the subject). Jakob became a famous fairytale teller, but he was also a nationalist, like Diefenbach. So it would be interesting to see if there is some nazi stuff in his Märchen .

      1 The Frog King, or Iron Henry

      2 Cat and Mouse in Partnership

      3 Our Lady’s Child

      4 The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

      5 The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

      6 Faithful John

      7 The Good Bargain

      8 The Wonderful Musician

      9 The Twelve Brothers

      10 The Pack of Ragamuffins

      11 Little Brother and Little Sister

      12 Rapunzel

      13 The Three Little Men in the Forest

      14 The Three Spinning Women

      15 Hansel and Grethel

      16 The Three Snake-Leaves

      17 The White Snake

      18 The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean

      19 The Fisherman and His Wife

      20 The Valiant Little Tailor

      21 Cinderella

      22 The Riddle

      23 The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

      24 Mother Holle

      25 The Seven Ravens

      26 Little Red-Cap

      27 The Bremen Town Musicians

      28 The Singing Bone

      29 The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

      30 The Louse and the Flea

      31 The Girl Without Hands

      32 Clever Hans

      33 The Three Languages

      34 Clever Elsie

      35 The Tailor in Heaven

      36 The Wishing-table, the Gold-ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack

      37 Thumbling

      38 The Wedding of Mrs. Fox

      39 The Elves

      40 The Robber Bridegroom

      41 Herr Korbes

      42 The Godfather

      43 Frau Trude

      44 Godfather Death

      45 Thumbling as Journeyman

      46 Fitcher’s Bird

      47 The Juniper-Tree

      48 Old Sultan

      49 The Six Swans

      50 Little Briar-Rose

      51 Foundling-Bird

      52 King Thrushbeard

      53 Little Snow-White

      54 The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn

      55 Rumpelstiltskin

      56 Sweetheart Roland

      57 The Golden Bird

      58 The Dog and the Sparrow

      59 Frederick and Catherine

      60 The Two Brothers

      61 The Little Peasant

      62 The Queen Bee

      63 The Three Feathers

      64 The Golden Goose

      65 Allerleirauh

      66 The Hare’s Bride

      67 The Twelve Huntsmen

      68 The Thief and His Master

      69 Jorinde and Joringel

      70 The Three Children of Fortune

      71 How Six Men Got On in the World

      72 The Wolf and the Man

      73 The Wolf and the Fox

      74 Gossip Wolf and the Fox

      75 The Fox and the Cat

      76 The Pink

      77 Clever Grethel

      78 The Old Man and His Grandson

      79 The Water-Nix

      80 The Death of the Little Hen

      81 Brother Lustig

      82 Gambling Hansel

      83 Hans in Luck

      84 Hans Married

      85 The Gold-Children

      86 The Fox and the Geese

      87 The Poor Man and the Rich Man

      88 The Singing, Springing Lark

      89 The Goose-Girl

      90 The Young Giant

      91 The Gnome

      92 The King of the Golden Mountain

      93 The Raven

      94 The Peasant’s Clever Daughter

      95 Old Hildebrand

      96 The Three Little Birds

      97 The Water of Life

      98 Dr. Know-All

      99 The Spirit in the Bottle

      100 The Devil’s Sooty Brother

      101 Bearskin

      102 The Willow-Wren and the Bear

      103 Sweet Porridge

      104 Wise Folks

      105 Stories about Snakes

      106 The Poor Miller’s Boy and the Cat

      107 The Two Travellers

      108 Hans the Hedgehog

      109 The Shroud

      110 The Jew Among Thorns

      111 The Skilful Huntsman

      112 The Flail from Heaven

      113 The Two Kings’ Children

      114 The Cunning Little Tailor

      115 The Bright Sun Brings It to Light

      116 The Blue Light

      117 The Wilful Child

      118 The Three Army Surgeons

      119 The Seven Swabians

      120 The Three Apprentices

      121 The King’s Son Who Feared Nothing

      122 Donkey Cabbages

      123 The Old Woman in the Wood

      124 The Three Brothers

      125 The Devil and His Grandmother

      126 Ferdinand the Faithful

      127 The Iron Stove

      128 The Lazy Spinner

      129 The Four Skilful Brothers

      130 One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

      131 Fair Katrinelje and Pif Paf Poltrie

      132 The Fox and the Horse

      133 The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

      134 The Six Servants

      135 The White Bride and the Black One

      136 Iron John

      137 The Three Black Princesses

      138 Knoist and His Three Sons

      139 The Maid of Brakel

      140 Domestic Servants

      141 The Lambkin and the Little Fish

      142 Simeli Mountain

      143 Going A-Travelling

      144 The Donkey

      145 The Ungrateful Son

      146 The Turnip

      147 The Old Man Made Young Again

      148 The Lord’s Animals and the Devil’s

      149 The Beam

      150 The Old Beggar-Woman

      151 The Three Sluggards

      151 (A) The Twelve Idle Servants

      152 The Shepherd Boy

      153 The Star-Money

      154 The Stolen Farthings

      155 Brides on Their Trial

      156 Odds and Ends

      157 The Sparrow and His Four Children

      158 The Story of Schlauraffen Land

      159 The Ditmarsh Tale of Wonders

      160 A Riddling Tale

      161 Snow-White and Rose-Red

      162 The Wise Servant

      163 The Glass Coffin

      164 Lazy Harry

      165 The Griffin

      166 Strong Hans

      167 The Peasant in Heaven

      168 Lean Lisa

      169 The Hut in the Forest

      170 Sharing Joy and Sorrow

      171 The Willow-Wren

      172 The Sole

      173 The Bittern and Hoopoe

      174 The Owl

      175 The Moon

      176 The Duration of Life

      177 Death’s Messengers

      178 Master Pfriem

      179 The Goose-Girl at the Well

      180 Eve’s Various Children

      181 The Nixie of the Mill-Pond

      182 The Little Folks’ Presents

      183 The Giant and the Tailor

      184 The Nail

      185 The Poor Boy in the Grave

      186 The True Sweetheart

      187 The Hare and the Hedgehog

      188 The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle

      189 The Peasant and the Devil

      190 The Crumbs on the Table

      191 The Sea-Hare

      192 The Master Thief

      193 The Drummer

      194 The Ear of Corn

      195 The Grave Mound

      196 Old Rinkrank

      197 The Crystal Ball

      198 Maid Maleen

      199 The Boot of Buffalo Leather

      200 The Golden Key

      Children’s Legends

      Legend 1 St. Joseph in the Forest

      Legend 2 The Twelve Apostles

      Legend 3 The Rose

      Legend 4 Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven

      Legend 5 God’s Food

      Legend 6 The Three Green Twigs

      Legend 7 Our Lady’s Little Glass

      Legend 8 The Aged Mother

      Legend 9 The Heavenly Wedding

      Legend 10 The Hazel Branch

      • Jakob Grimm wrote the Godfather? 🙂 (#42).
        110 (No it is not a binary code! ) is called : “The Jew amongst thorns” never heard of that one.
        http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/authors/grimms.html here is the link to all the stories, #110 was a bit long, but it ended with the Jew on the gallow I saw. I wonder how anti semitic those fairytales are really 😦

        The Dutch version of the page mentions Grimm:

        Dit is een vorm van nationalisme waarbij de staat centraal staat (of dikwijls ook de etnische groep die daarin de meerderheid vormt en een macht wil uitoefenen zonder rekening te moeten houden met minderheidsgroepen; ook wel etnisch nationalisme genoemd). Het wordt gelegitimeerd door de actieve deelname aan de macht (of rekening houdend met de wensen ervan) van de inwoners van de staat (of van de dominante groep), zonder rekening te houden met de etnische achtergrond van die inwoners. Het Europees nationalisme ontstond tijdens het Congres van Wenen (1815) in reactie op het internationale stelsel van Napoleon Bonaparte. Inwoners van landen als Engeland, Frankrijk en Spanje waren zich al eeuwenlang bewust van hun cultuur, met name wanneer deze bedreigd werd; nieuwe staten als Italië, Duitsland, Polen, Oostenrijk en Turkije maakten het nationalisme tot basis van hun politiek: onderwijs, propaganda naar binnen en agressieve assertiviteit naar buiten. Deze tendens begon vaak cultureel (Volksgeist, sprookjes van Grimm), maar eindigde militair, missionair en imperialistisch.”

        The above is Geert Wilders’ PVV described to the bone. (if that is the right expression). Scary.

        Are fairy tales a bad influence for kids? Some are down right anti semitic so I am finding out now. Hm.

  19. Arbeit Macht Frei

    a german formula derived from the Gospel according to St John (J 8, 32): “Wahrheit macht frei” (literally, “the truth makes one free” or “the truth will free you”). the first who paraphrased those word was Lorenz Diefenbach who in 1872 published his novel with the title “Arbeit macht frei”. source:http://frulaopperheim.blog.pl/archiwum/?tag=arbeit+macht+frei

    • Truth makes free, or the truth makes free? I think the translation should be Truth makes free, because it doesn’t say : “Die Wahrheit macht frei.”

      Truth is more universal I suppose than the truth. Or is it lol.
      Have a nice Sunday! Rain here. Always rain.

  20. Yes, I think anti-semitism had deep roots in Germany. Perhaps they started training the children to hate at an early age through language. An excerpt from wiki:

    Jakob Grimm’s work tied in strongly to his views on Germany and its culture. His work with fairy tales and his philological work dealt with German origins. He loved his people and wished for a united Germany. In the German revolution of 1848, he was given a chance to make these views known when he was elected to the Frankfurt National Parliament.

    Main objective–Linguistic work

    The first edition of the first part of the Grammar (which appeared in 1819), and is now extremely rare, treated of the inflections of all these languages, and included a general introduction, in which he vindicated the importance of an historical study of the German language against the a priori, quasi-philosophical methods then in vogue.

    Clarify priori: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_priori_and_a_posteriori_%28philosophy%29 )
    The phrases “a priori” and “a posteriori” are Latin for “from what comes before” and “from what comes later” (or, less literally, “before experience” and “after experience”). An early philosophical use of what might be considered a notion of a priori knowledge (though not called by that name) is Plato’s theory of recollection, related in the dialogue Meno (380 B.C.), according to which something like a priori knowledge is knowledge inherent, intrinsic in the human mind.

    An American classic that is very racist is “Tom Sawyer.”

  21. Perhaps the psychological responses to modern day therapy still relates to fairy tales. I recall a friend once telling me her therapist said she had “Cinderella syndrome.” Oddly enough, she, a very strong Christian now, once had an abortion. However, she has never given up her mission to “heal” alcoholics. I think it is part of cultural and religious indoctrination in some parts of the country.

  22. In the days of Grimm, Germany was divided into all sorts of little states, so Nationalism those days probably meant uniting those little states and have one big Germany, when nowadays Nationalism means the opposite and is a sort of xenofobia? Just a thought.



  23. I couldn’t fin anything on the latest shoe washing up in Great Britain-do you have a link?

    In the days of Grimm: perhaps that may have been the case in Germany; it was in the U.S.. Xenophobia has always been, and probably always will be, part of any culture. People naturally think another country, or culture, will raid their area and steal their natural resources; history has proven this to be a fact that, based on prior experiences, will render them helpless against the invaders.

    Look at the invasion of Iraq. Many think it was for the oil reserves. Look at the conspiracy theorist-they think the government is keeping UFO information from the public because they have found a free source of energy and can’t figure out a way to capitalize on it. (I really don’t think the government is that smart-after 60 years, someone would have found the smoking gun). The Civil War in the U.S was over slave labor, or so they claim-a resource of production. WWII-the Germans seemed to think the Jews were gaining an economic advantage-through thievery as told through the fairy tales.

    Even today, countries invade other countries looking for natural resources to exploit and/or the labor with which to exploit the resources. Xenophobia rallies supporters to their agendas.

    However, in the U.S., the Mexican Drug war is seen as xenophobia by liberal blacks in power, as they know discrimination. Conversely, these people are crossing the border carrying huge quantities of drugs and weapons and coming into private homes and businesses and killing people. Those whose salaries do not depend upon the market could care less. They view their fellow Americans as lazy as they see themselves through the rose coloured glasses of the Calvinistic rites once bestowed upon them in early childhood.

    Often Americans will turn on their fellow citizens and do the opposite as one would expect. An example: after 9/11 we voted in a Muslim who “bowed” to another Muslim on live TV. I just read where that preacher in Fla., the one that was going to burn the Koran, was billed $180,000 or so for police protection after he announced his 9/11 ceremonial plans. That makes me wonder: Are there that many terrorist in Fla. that would kill him?

    • Here’s a link to the Koran burner: http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/specials/weirdflorida/blog/2010/09/city_puts_cost_of_quranburning.html

      Where’s his freedom of speech?

      I wonder who got the bill for all the police officers and the metal detectors in the church at Caylee Anthony’s Memorial Service? The media? The bloggers? The protesters? The bounty hunters who tried to steal the show? Are these people, or vigilantes, really saving anyone anything?

      • It is interesting to view koran or bible burning as freedom of speech. I suppose it is, as no one got hurt physically, but as it apparently hurts people’s deepest feelings, I suppose it is violence and therefor not freedom of speech?

        If it is freedom of speech that was in danger, than the taxpayers are responsable for the bill I think?

        • I think some are trying to call the book burnings an art. Lol! He hasn’t done anything the journalist and comic strip artist haven’t already done. The only thing about this guy-he believes in the destruction of the book. The others are provoking anger, creating chaos and causing deaths to write an article, book, or sell ads.

  24. I put 3 links at the bottem of the blog, it was all I could find.

    Xenophobia is the sick form of healthy sceptism towards aliens I think. I suppose is it good to be a bit sceptic when lots of people want to move in your direction and when violence is part of it all, it is scary even; it is another thing to simply kick em out like the French are doing with the Roma as a group. People who were part of the group of Roma immigrants caused a lot of trouble and so Sarkozy’s government decided to send them as a group (back) to Rumania. Which caused turmoil as it was seen as a nazi sort of act.

    • Thanks for the links. I think I had already read that and thought, since you had already mentioned one at the Hull, perhaps another had washed ashore.

      Deporting immigrants that cause trouble, create crime, or in any fashion attempt, whether by design or plain buffoonery, to destabilize a country calls for deportation, in my opinion.

      It’s one thing to sit and dream about a perfect society; quite another when you are actually out there in it.

      • Deporting immigrants as a group however means you also deport innocent people and force them to live where they have no future and are not wanted. I think every individual deportation case should be carefully be investigated and only take place if nothing else is possible.

        • That is true, Ina. However, politicians would see statistics, not people per se.
          Many of those are probably from orphanages-little education, emotional problems from a cruel childhood, and not able to contribute to the society that France would like to maintain.

          The same situation here with the Mexican border. Though many feel for those trapped inside that country, fact is, many are eventually forced into joining the drug cartels just to survive or to live in America as it pays the best. When they comes across the border, we lose our way of life. AZ is a prime example of that. They are now telling AMERICANS not to travel on certain highways or go into certain areas in AMERICA. WTF?!!!

          Instead of doing anything about it, retreat is the only option given.

          The Germans didn’t have “retreat” in the vocabulary if I recall correctly; it’s soon becoming our mantra. JMO

          • It is easy for me to say so, I probably would think different when I was told not to go on certain highways.

            retreat: terugtrekken in Dutch. Zurückziehen in German. No I can imagine that is no option either. If I knew the solution, I could make big bucks lol.

  25. I recall visiting the border town featured in this clip when I was a child. It was different then; out of control now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ogPJat_jWo

    Unfortunately, our thirst for blood and death will make it possible for our own states to become as this border town. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. It’s never BIG enough- never exciting enough.

    Most of those weapons are probably coming from the U.S.

    One woman tells of the police invading her home without a warrant. Criminals dressed as police! Kidnappings, murder, drugs, etc..

    Phoeniz, AZ is now quickly becoming the kidnap capital of the world-it’s in second place right now.

    • In addition, Mexicans aren’t allowed to have guns legally, so the law abiding ones can’t defend themselves. Americans are allowed to have guns. Not that most would want to shoot someone, but, it’s only human nature to defend ones self, family and property.

      In America, the citizen is the front line. The law enforcement act as mini Generals with the media as their second in command. This is why you see the bounty hunters and the private detectives milking the missing childrens’ cases for all they’re worth. A real life Ivanhoe tale, so to speak. Robbing from those that got, and giving to the poor-poor them. LOl!

      • Mexicans in the US don’t have the right to have a gun, but Americans do. I can see problems there?
        Best thing would be a strong economy in Mexico I suppose. What do they produce there? Except Mexicans?
        http://www.suite101.com/content/mexicos-top-exports-imports-a25194 gold tin and sugar. I think those are good products? Increasing the production, would that not help? (I know nothing)

        • I meant Mexican citizens in Mexico can’t have weapons. (Apparently, many do!)

          A lot of agricultural products come from Mexico-vegetables and fruits. There are factories that produce shoes, garments, and a large majority of automobile parts that are assembled in the U.S.. Basically, the same industries that once were in America until someone decided Americans were too “lazy” to do that work…lie #1. (They found a resource to invade, e.g. cheaper labor).

          And, yes, maybe they are producing many Mexicans. I’m not certain of the population growth there.

          I would think the population growth of Americans started dwindling around the time women got equal pay. More women wanted a career. Many married, had children, then found themselves in abusive situations or were abandoned all together-left to provide for their children on their own. The “Cinderella Story” was only a fairy tale.

          It sounds as if legislation increased the population of Romania by restricting birth control and abortions; war and famine decreased the number of caretakers, i.e. parents. Therefore, through government meddling of the family, they find themselves in a lurch, so to speak. The UN can call it racism it they want-the French will call it self defense.

        • Hmmm! I didn’t know they were mining for gold there. And sugar, wow! I think Hawaii has always been known for that commodity. In fact, I think that is the reason Hawaii became a state. Perhaps Mexico will become a state if Az. doesn’t become part of Mexico first.

          Thanks for the link. I found we are exporting engine parts for military aircraft. I can only imagine they’ll soon be flying over the border towns and dumping pesticides on the locals to gain territory for the marijuana fields. We, the Americans, can sit around getting stoned and talking philosophy, while they gather more ground. It’ll be just like the 60’s once more.

          Same as before:

          • Interesting: After I posted, I finished watching the video. I had often wondered, since the “I” at the Auschwitz sign had been left behind, the “U” shaped bone from Caylee Anthony was never recovered, and some dedicated drivers never volunteered anything that even resembled an O, where the “O” would show up. Actually, it didn’t. However, it is missing from the word “Constitution” in the last clip.

            Perhaps this is a result of a direct hit on project “Y” perpetuated by the frustrations of their “X’s.”

            Yep, the “B” is really upside down!

          • “Educate yourself and take action!” What do they mean with action? Revolt?

            • I think so. Revolt would be a good word and a measure of the times. However, we no nothing of the person that put this together. My guess would be an enlisted person, a journalist looking to cash in, or a college student.

              Back to the beginning of WWII…it was really the children that did them in as most were very young. I was reading about it and found some of those hanged for war crimes were about 21 years of age.

  26. Would it be a good thing if Mexico would join the US as a state? The US don’t need the space I think, as it is large enough, but the gold, the labor forces might be interesting. What would be against it?

  27. I think a war would break out as I’m certain the Mexicans wouldn’t allow it. And, if they were part of the U.S., they’d be subject to U.S. laws which would increase their costs of production-e.g. environmental issues such as pesticides and fertilizers used for farming; safety, age, work week hours, and retirement regulations for workers; insurance for workers; educational demands; healthcare demands;and, building an infrastructure that would supply all the population, not just some. And, last, but certainly not the least, providing reliable law enforcement to keep the criminals and drug lords from looting everyones prosperous adventurous or the upstarts.

    If they were like our country, they’d only want to come here for vacation, huh?

  28. I’ve recently learned of MK Ultra projects conducted in the U.S. after WWII-a continuation of Mengele’s work at Auschwitz- and, found one former governor claiming the person that killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_David_Chapman, may have been a MK Ultra subject.

    One reporter claimed he dropped into a commando type position prior to firing (perhaps the reporter made this up to sensationalize the death of Lennon and make more money).

    However, since his father was in the Air Force, I can only imagine he learned to use a weapon as a young child-perhaps emulating something he’d seen on a base. Most American children were accustomed to firearms years ago-before children started killing people with them and joining gangs and such.

    He was, and had been for years, on drugs and had been abused in early childhood-criteria often associated with mind control methods used back then.

    After watching some of the stuff they’d do on people-just average Americans- you’d have to wonder about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and if any rights ever existed at all.

    However, their experiments never proved fruitful. If they had, we would have seen how much our lives were improved from the senseless torture of young children and adults. It was something they really wanted to do anyway.

    Today people would volunteer for the project if you were handing out free drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, etc. There would be no need to kidnap them. Many of these experiments were often held on a University such as Harvard. The product of those Harvard researches-Ted Kayczinski, (sp)the Unabomber.

    I think many of the college students, journalist included, often return to the past. In the previous video, the past was Vietnam War. History is all they have as they have no idea what the future would hold.

      • Well, I don’t think it was a hoax; however, why would someone program an AF brat to kill John Lennon? A preoccupation with the Beatles?

        I just saw that they were studying psychological conditioning at the bottom of a page I was reading about MKUlta. That is clearly understood, as the military doesn’t have a patent on that. In fact, they are more predictable than anyone else. I wonder if this is how they develop their “psychics,” as their movements are predictable, a person would seem psychic just to guess where something is located. Perhaps this is their “remote viewing” program.

        After following the news coverage of the Anthony case, I think the media and others are involved in this type of activity-to get a story-moreso than the military. They brought in psychics, planted evidence, harassed the family non-stop, invaded the neighborhood, and others made so many threats around the time of the memorial. Why threats? Why the protesters? What is it to them if these people look for a child they believe to be alive? It wouldn’t affect their daughter on was or the other, or the court system.

        • Dan Brown could do a nice story about it; how terrorists want to cause havoc hypnotizing the masses through tv or something 🙂

          • Lol! Yeah! Why didn’t they think of that? Lol! Of course, they did-subliminal messages embedded in movies to sell Coca-Cola. Enjoy a sip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxCE_1OcyYE

            Maybe Dan Brown could do something, at least. Misleading others on scriptural matters sells books; it does little for the downtrodden looking for spiritual guidance, however.

            So, the Icebeotch is checkin’ ya out, eh? Lol! We must be interesting to her! Makes you wonder why she wanted us both booted, huh? UnInjellitance (unintelligent jealousy)(_o_), ya think?

  29. I’ve noticed ohn H. ohdeG is plugging BNN again. This time it is for environmental issues. I think he/she is a member of their team or part owner in the site. He wrote he’d do an expose` on the bloggers, but has failed to do so yet.

    I guess this is where the Sierra part comes in. Back to the 60’s again. Back to Mt. devil child.

    Not only are they teaching them the alphabet, reading and writing, along with techniques for exposing and when not to expose a spy, they are learning about mother nature as well. Thank goodness for that St.!

    Wonder what they’ll do to drum up readers or listeners for their program. It’s not the same as taking down a family that is already living in a shelter. Lol!

    Here’s a thought: maybe their “protesters” could run about breaking into people’s automobiles, placing cigars on their/neighbors water main covers, steal water meter readers trucks, and rush about aimlessly trying to gather support for their charades. Afterall, it is for the good of the next generation to create fear and threaten people into their way of thinking-it builds character.

    When they get to the Celtic part, when the fires began to start, there isn’t a water Saint to be found.

    Let’s just call everyone a witch! Yep, that’ll do it.

  30. No, really, I’ve been checking out a missing child of the 80’s, Johnny Gosch, and after looking at a website that show missing boys, or boys I should say, tied up, and reading through most of the site, I found they go from 0-60 in under 2 seconds. What I mean is: Instead of focusing on the boy, it has to get larger than life. They have other boys, he is seen in Nebraska, and then again in Tampa, Fla. (incidentally, a “serial killer” recently left Hansel and Gretel type (small crumb size) messages in my home for me to email it-@tampabay.com.. Unfortunately, I didn’t find all the pieces. Lol! Not to mention, the type was rather small.) Anyway, back to the subject at hand, they leap into some guy that lost like $42 million while at a bank. Hmmm. Wonder how that happened? New World Order? Illuminati? Or, was it morons running around with rubber faces?!!!!

    They’ve apparently taunted and pulled at the heart strings of the mother of the missing boy over the years, leaving photos and hope. She thinks he showed up at her home once several years ago, but said he couldn’t stay as he was in danger. Okay, why not get him to stay and hide him?

    They ran some of these photos on wordpress a few months, maybe even a year or more, ago: http://www.johnnygosch.com/

    If you notice in one photo, there is a laundry bag in the back ground in blue print. The “U” is gone from Caribou. In another, the slogan states: It’s up to you. Maybe they meant “U.” Anywhoooooooo, it’s mostly bullsh@t to line the wallets of the PI’s and retired f something I’s and get a script I think.

    I’ve checked on this. Three boys went missing in that area of Des Moines, Iowa-not far from where they though the anthrax of the 2001 mailings came from-1982,1984,& 1986. Yep, TWO years apart. In addition, One disappeared before Labor Day, ONE before Easter, and the other, 8/12 (no holiday, but, went missing on the 12th St. which corresponds with the day) TWO of these boys were “paperboys”-they delivered newspapers back then, mostly on foot or on a bicycle.

    Just found that interesting. They still aren’t doing anything but playing games and trying to make themselves look larger than life with these missing children. Same old crap-nothing new, I suppose.

    • It is weird that he escaped but has to hide. How is that possible!

      • He would have been a grown man at the time she claims he visited-March of 1997 (he was 12 in 1982) if I’m not mistaken- and, another man was with him she claims.

        After viewing some of the photos on her website, I am curious about her and her ex husband. Has she been duped by those claiming to help her? Has her broken heart allowed her to be mislead? And, the fact that those photos once showed up on a Russian pedophile website says something-especially when $42 million dollars disappears from a bank and they only have one not so bright nut to blame for the loss. Lol! And, no Russians in sight!

  31. Not email it. just the mailbox

  32. And, I think this moron is linked in with the others: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message542174/pg89

    Why don’t these losers get a life? They are thieves, plain and simple! Boast “We Will Remember” all you want…I rarely forget.

    I recall when my AC first went on the blitz several years ago; and, I recall how the person I went to the Czech fest with fumbled with hers while I was driving. It went out while we were parked by the quarry, apparently. I had told her to quit pushing the buttons so rapidly and read the owners manual. Guess she didn’t. Perhaps that is why she bought another Lexus.

  33. If you get a minute, check this out and let me know what you think:


    I’m wondering if this isn’t the same man. Look at the black/white photo on the johnnygosch page…the picture of the “dead man.”

    Another of the MKUltra/New World Order/Illuminati crowd

    • Amazingly, he’s on blogtalk radio, too. Lol!

    • They look alike… Thinker, you are a real detective! I wonder if this thinktanker and microbiologist is more than that. Or less. 😦

      I am no conspiracy theorist but it seems a lot of amazing things are going on.

      • I’m no conspiracy theorist either, but, I do find it amazing they’d harp on the same old thing for decades…who knows, maybe centuries.

        I watched the mother of Johnny Gosch tell her story on the Youtube videos. It seems that the morning Johnny was abducted, it was the only morning in the 13 months he’d been doing his paper route that his father didn’t accompanying him. That was in the first video. It sent up an immediate red flag. She apparently never thought much of it at the time, at least not until another male claimed he’d helped to abduct her son that morning. She tells of a man acting strange around three paperboys, driving off, then coming back and parking and signaling another person with the dome light in his car-he turned it off and on three times. And, she claims a photographer had been seen snapping photos of her son prior to his disappearance. This all sounds about par for the course.

        She does leak some information that made me wonder: she says a private investigator phoned her when the next boy was to be taken, and expected her to call the police. This was two years after her sons’ disappearance.

        She claims neither the police or her local reporters would help in her situation. (Very interesting videos that make you wonder about a lot of things). I am of the opinion she is the “remote viewer” or “psychic” in the missing children cases in her area. At least that is what they intended. That is why they taunt her with photos and false hope.

        In addition, she claims that her husband went on a speaking tour with a woman that looked like her. I didn’t see the photos-guess you’d have to buy the book to see that-but, it fits the mold to a T,T,T. She has since divorced him. And, they still tried to tie this into a Col Aquino-known satanist that lives in San Francisco-and a credit union which lost more than 42 million dollars.

        What she is describing, occult and religion set aside, is a security defense in which others are robbed for the good of mankind. Lol! A real life Robin Hood organization. And, the police stand by and allow it to happen.

        The only military I could find in her immediate area was the Army, which gels perfectly.

  34. A hispanic man was suspected way back in Gosch’s case:

    As I’ve said before, the anthrax that was first thought to have come from appx. 30 miles from where these boys disappeared, actually came from this border town in Texas. This veterinarian, in article below, has isolated it to his county. In addition, he has found more than 40 skeletons on his farm over the years; the result of human trafficking. Here’s just one article:

    • Not sure what it means. Scary!

      You know, I just realized Bald is just faking his lack of English and I said so on BAB, so I got a ban 🙂 which proves I am right . I wonder if my deleted comments will show in backtype. He is a fraud, trying to let people believe he is of foreign origine just to hide his writing style. Or hers. I think he lives in Orlando, as an orlando visitor came to my blog at that time. Well 2 actually. I seriously think they are all nuts, of course SS is an idiot and MD has done some rotten stuff too, but to go on and on about it for months, years, that is obsessed and unhealthy. LOL must go shopping now.

      When I came back I saw my laptop was still on and the page where I commented was too. With my comments. 🙂



      mrs k
      no me no have


      September 21, 2010 at 6:07 am

      ? me no have email, how can you have a wordpress account then baldie? me no believe you lol.


      September 21, 2010 at 6:24 am

      Thank you Baldie!

      Mrs. Kravitz

      September 21, 2010 at 6:26 am

      I think I see. me no have email meant I didn’t receive an email message. Me tupid 🙂


      September 21, 2010 at 6:26 am

      I have often wondered why Bald is so bad in English; he (or she) can read it well enough. Sorry but I think it is fake. Just don’t know why lol. It sure makes him/her mysterious 🙂 Or are you from Belgium? lol


      September 21, 2010 at 6:36 am

      Dave Knechel said this a LONG time ago – way before the Anthony case:

      “I heard through the grapevine questioning my health. “What happened to Dave? He got AIDS or something?”

      Remember, Dave Knechel Said It First!


      September 21, 2010 at 6:38 am


      December 12, 2009 – Marinade Dave on A lot of good lawyering today 2009/12/12 at 12:21am – “Thank you. I like being a breath of fresh air, although some of my friends will tell you they break out the air freshener when I enter a room.”

      TRichard Irony

      September 21, 2010 at 6:59 am

      if me talk like this, me need teacher.

      “When do you use “I” and when do you use “me”?
      It is a common occurrence to hear the incorrect usage of “I” and “me”. This is one of the simplest grammar corrections. “I” is a pronoun that must be the subject of a verb. “Me” is a pronoun that must be the object of the verb. The easiest way to decipher the two is to remove the other noun from the sentence and see if it still makes sense. ” grammar mishaps.

      There is NO language that uses me instead of I, but French has this construction with ” moi, je pense ” etc. So I suppose baldie is a bit French in his/her native tongue? Or just wants us to think he/she is foreign to the US, but in reality is a real Yankee Doodle Dandy kind of guy/ gall?

      Now some *peep* called frankie said I was faking to be Dutch (on BS) but I don’t fake, I really am Dutch. She said my English was too good or something, which I suppose is a compliment. But English is not a very difficult language really, so I think Baldie should at least be capable of constructing a bit of a sentence.

      Baldie: I am, you are, he she it is. We are, you are, they are.


      September 21, 2010 at 7:01 am

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  35. Reading the above, it makes you wonder what is going on with adults that fill blog comment sections with that kind of nonsense. I think I will take a big leave of absence from even reading them. Did I ever think some of those people were intelligent? I am starting to think Bald = md’s alter ego lol. They have a lot in common.
    According to wow over there I was to understand it was intentionally bad English. Like MD said it was so obvious he never had lunch with the judge? I don’t find it so obvious.

    I just read a comment on BAB (last peak) an old one MD made 25 weeks ago, with lies that are making me sick, as I never used Sheaffers blog to bully him, I defended him when the trolls there (including ss as we now know she was doing the trolling under various nicks! Think of that) were making his blog life miserable. HE was the one starting trouble with me with a blog where he called me a behemoth and I defended myself; that is all. Nice friend he was huh? Jeez. And he DID say he would call me, phone me, and I DID say No, too expensive. Why was that such a big deal to him?? He lied, I forgave, and like he said, we would still be friends, but it is NOT so that it ended for the reasons he mentioned. I wanted to discuss what he did, he calls it stalking. His lies will haunt him to his grave I suppose. I have tried very hard to remain friendly, restore friendship when he was going through difficult times. He doesn’t realize who his friends were and now he is paying the prize: because of the nasty actions from his blog, his reliability as a reporter is gone. Why do I mind that I don’t know.

    lol I just hear left handed people are more often bad tempered, has to do with brainhalves etc. Could explain a lot.

    The bloggers BAB and MD are two of a feather: Some Jennifer on BAB started insulting me right away today after I tried to figure out why BAB talks funny, it brought back memories of one elephant on md. Of course that is allowed and I am to be banned lol. It proves to me there is no difference in both blogs. http://stimator.com/baldaintbeautiful-wordpress-com it says the blog is worth over 200 dollars, how does he make money? (lol I googled up the wrong BAB first and thought he was in Australia 🙂 )
    It is too sad watching blogs deteriorate and people go nuts.

    Enough already 🙂 So much GOOD stuff on the net; I won’t miss the sick crap!

  36. Well, take care Ina. Sorry some hack ruined your day. Let me know in the teapot where you’ll be when you come over. Or, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Too bad MD turned out to be as he was. What do you expect from someone that brags about his brother’s military service and claims about inside knowledge to computer parts made in China. Lol! And, bragging about his police connections-you’d have to know they’d be drunks themselves. So, bragging incessantly about lunch with lawyers and judges wouldn’t be a stretch for this fellow. He would do anything to draw attention to himself. Guess mommy and daddy doesn’t give him enough attention at home.

    These bloggers are scammers feasting off the missing. I’ve been reading more about the Gosch case, and, in this case they passed the “buck” with written note about his whereabouts…classic. And, I read some nineteen year old tried to con the parents out of $10,000 for information claiming he could rescue their son from the Hell’s Angels in Mexico City. And, I found this link (the others had links, too…just didn’t grab them as you probably aren’t that interested) where another was arrested for trying to sell false information about the missing child being in Mexico. Here’s that link: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-3780807.html

    From what I’ve just typed, read, digest, and think about this very hard. Be careful when you are in America. Watch those around you, in the stores, and especially convenience stores where this type of “cash” would be passed off. As you can tell by following the Anthony case, people get involved for reasons not related to the well being of the child or adult that is missing. It’s about them! It’s about bringing down the wealthy. It’s about catching the “mafia” or some politician. Some notorious satan worshiper with military connections. Something that will sell a book, copyright on something, movie, or news segment.
    This says alot-notice the brand on the arm-an “X” or cross (crosshairs) inside of a circle…you’re smart…think about it:

    Look at the one that got away:

    Notice the same emblem on the shirt? Notice the cryptogram? Notice how most correspondence was directed toward the media? And, notice how he spells “Xmass”…They were in Pepper Park back then.

    Have a safe journey, and keep in touch.

    • I am back and now I have a virus. Belly wise, not puter. Although MD tried hard enough (am I to believe he had a hacker? so why didn’t he warn me when he found out mail was sent in his name? And why didn’t Elvis fan get a virus mail? How come elvisfan was not on the list? Did the hacker forget to sent one to herself?? Just guessing 🙂

    • Thisn is what it said. it was in 1986, long time ago.
      ” WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI) Two FBI agents posing as the parents of missing paperboy Johnny Gosch yesterday arrested a man who wanted cash in exchange for information on the youth’s whereabouts, authorities said.

      David James Schultz, 36, of Syracuse, N.Y., was arrested without incident about noon in a Tulsa, Okla., cafeteria by a police officer and the two agents posing as John and Noreen Gosch, said Special Agent James Ahern in Omaha, Neb.

      Schultz told the undercover officers he had information regarding the whereabouts of the missing youth in Mexico and would sell the information for $2,500. Ahern said Schultz had “no such information” about the boy.”

      Yuck. Some people go low, did he ever see daylight again to go on with these kind of scams or is he still in prison?

  37. Hope you feel better now. Hope your computer is okay. I suppose you could check the details and determine the area from which the email circulation started…maybe. I’ve read yahoo is notorious for getting emails hijacked.

    Yeah, and this crap happened a quarter of a century ago. This guy would be around 60 years old now. It seems they had a fascination with Mexico back then. Just like the online commenters wanting the A’s to go to Mexico to find their grandchild. That struck me as weird. We had an immigration problem back then as I recall. But, then they actually tried to do something about it.

    I think a lot of criminals from the U.S flee to Mexico. Perhaps that is why they want others to go there. I thought about this yesterday, after a “azz call” from the mate of the gal that did my hair . (She had her cell phone in her back pocket and it called me and I heard them discussing something). She is from the southern area, Belize, or something like that. She speaks perfect English, that is, there is no thick accent. And, the hairdresser told me she used to search for deceased people with good credit and she’d use their credit to get money…scary! This is why I don’t want to be around those two. Especially, after that bank altercation thing she told me about. It makes sense now. Not to mention while she was telling about her dreams of killing people, she also mentioned she could kill me with a Q-tip. Yep, a Q-tip! I’m afraid a bunch of podunk cops and/or Fed. Marshall wouldn’t have trained her enough over the years. They’d have a hard time explaining how a bunch of Q-tips got shoved up her azz. (She acts just like the men of the area, so, I know she is only emulating what she has learned from her step-fathers or boys she grew up with or men she’s been around…that’s how most of them act-almost everyone that has ever been in the service at one time or another think they can reach under your rib cage and rip your heart out without leaving a scratch).

    I can only imagine that the person asking for the $25oo was on his way to Mexico anyway. Perhaps a bounty hunter type of person, or a flunky PI trying to cash in on her grief because she couldn’t get any help from the police. And, who knows, maybe they had a bank they could use there for other things. Why drive from NY to Oklahoma to get $2500? Or, did he live in Oklahoma at the time?

    They somehow tied this case into the missing $40 million dollars in a credit union in Nebraska…very interesting case if you read about it. I think it would be more interesting if they just say why they thought the missing boy was in Mexico. I would bet it has more to do with tracking the missing dollars instead of tracking the missing boy.

    Just reading about this case details a lot of the other cases I think. And, it makes some of the online comments make sense, too. (as if that could ever happen).

  38. If and when you get a chance, please look at this and give me your opinion-especially the 5th paragraph: http://poweredbychrist.homestead.com/files/articles/Polly.htm

    This is an old article written by someone that may be amongst us now-written in 2001.

    It seems to cling to the Bohemian Grove deal, much like the acid dripping, acerbic, cultural icon, forever-hippy and author, Hunter Thompson and …et al., whom chose to “off” himself so eloquently his “women” could here his own demise. (What could a person do? She wouldn’t be his mother?)

  39. This is the reply I got from Yahoo:

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

    In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the
    Yahoo! account in question that was reported for fraudulent activities,
    as per our Terms of Service (TOS). For further details about the Yahoo!
    TOS, you can visit:


    Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on
    another user’s account with a third party. We are not able to make
    exceptions to this rule.

    You may also visit the URL below for useful tools to combat spam:


    Please let me know if you still need assistance, so I may assist you

    Your patience” etc.

    I had sent the header as requested, if it was a hack job, they will have been able to find out. But it said : appropriate action against the Yahoo! account” etc. I wonder what that means. I suppose they know what they are doing 🙂

  40. Those kidnapcases ar scary! And that Elite…

    “The elites have so much power that their hierarchical controlled police officers, and police authorities will cover up the elite’s extensive criminal activities and even work in complicity to even cover up the elites extensive criminal activities. These elites and their hierarchies are all powerful, and have gotten away with their murder, rape, sacrifice, genocide, theft, conspiracy, etc., etc., for a long long time due these hierarchies being the all powerful Satanist Mafia and global banking network.”

    If that is true, and no hoax, it is the biggest scam in the world and I wonder what ordinairy people are to do about it if you can’t trust influencial people? If they are a global organization, maybe they have links to the Catholic Church … What happened with children and priests is also worldwide. Would one and one make two here?

    • Sorry, I meant the third paragraph! Lol! notice the “women” thing?
      And, this person is aiming for the New World Order-ran by the elites- the Illuminatis, and whatever else they can throw in. I didn’t continue reading after the third paragraph as I thought the arthur of this old blog may be someone who like to quarrel with the other commenters in a steady fashion..especially on a blog you aren’t liked on…you know which one.

    • Yes, one and one make two here; however, it may also make three.

  41. Since reading about the Gosch case, I’ve started touching on a few other cases and learned about this Lt. Col in the U.S. Army who started his own religion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Set

    A lot more of the crap we’ve read online makes sense after reading this stuff. I am of the opinion that this guy horned in on someone else’s scam, and tried to pawn it off as his own-typical military issue behavior. He was involved in psyops in Vietnam, in which it is said he had hoped to break the enemy by upsetting their burial routines. I viewed a video that detailed some of the crap this guy came up with that didn’t work…it was absolutely absurd! First of all, what may work on Americans already mesmerized by TV during that time period, would not affect the farming communities of Vietnam; perhaps not even the farming communities of America either.

    Ever since this guy arrived on the scene and made a spectacle of himself, they’ve tried to pin every child abuse case on him. I think this of design, and he really has no relationship to the “church” he created other than to control other people with the ludicrousness of it all. Perhaps a well orchestrated method of getting people in groups and bending them to his will as he thought the military would be able to do around the world. I can’t help but think he had hoped a movie would be made based on him, his ideas and opinions-why esle would a grown, high ranking man in the Army run around dressed up like Eddy Munster? A link to a photo 😦 http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/data/782/1butch_patrick5.jpg&imgrefurl=http://citizensagainstproobamamediabias.wordpress.com/category/eddie-munster/&h=360&w=288&sz=121&tbnid=5EWCENuTjkkyjM:&tbnh=251&tbnw=201&prev=/images%3Fq%3Deddie%2Bmunster&zoom=1&q=eddie+munster&hl=en&usg=__emAif4CTAw9bUyy1ADwqlsQnFNM=&sa=X&ei=nT2eTLPaDY_2tgPPl-jVAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CBkQ9QEwAA )

  42. 😦

    new face? just testing

  43. 🙂 😉 😦 :mrgreen: 👿

  44. “Important story written for Bob on the Job, and the American’s Bulletin concerning the Richard Allen Davis abduction and rape of Polly Klass, and the delivering of Polly Klass to the Bohemia Grove Club, where she was further raped, tortured, and sacrificed to the elite’s Satanic Gods. This matter in part, is why George Bush Senior had Bob on the Job, Robert E. Lee Lewis arrested and placed in a Federal Detention Center. Because Bob had proven that the Pedeluma Police Department and the two police officers who had been on duty that night, had lied at the Polly Klass, and Richard Allen Davis murder trial. ”

    Bush had Bob on the job…?

  45. ”I want you to know. Karyn is with us. A West Texas girl, just like me.”
    —President George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., May 27, 2004

    • These “journalist” engage in “not so legal” activity to promote their own political agendas I think. The military engage in “not so holy” worship to promote their own agendas, I think. People just aren’t into the “propaganda” like they once were. However, you see so much of it. The cyber bullying, the name calling harassment, etc. It seems as if the media has started their own “cults” to further their agendas as well.

  46. From what I’ve read, it seems as if they tortured young children, under a government program, and performed tests to see if they could develop a “Manchurian” candidate-a person that would kill upon demand.

    After reading about the Zodiac killer that killed a few people in California in the sixties, it seems as if they were experimenting with that then. Among the letters written, mostly to the press, the killer tried to hold the police force, the press, and the general public at bay-through terrorist activities.

    Among the letters is one I found rather odd. The writer details why he thinks a person that operates a movie theater is the notorious “Zodiac Killer.” After reading this detailed letter, it seemed as if the writer, and perhaps a few others, were intentionally trying to frame someone. A survivor of one of the attacks described the man that stabbed him and also his girlfriend that was killed, as being rather, hmmm, not so bright. However, a “writer” keeps everyone involved in solving ciphers, codes, psychological profiles, ballistics, footprints, etc.

    During this time period, they had been conducting the studies of victims of the mind control. Among them sprang the Bluebird, Monarch, MKUltra, and this creepy Temple of Set Colonel.

    I find it strange that that the Monarch explores the dynamics of an organization structure more than mind control itself. Perhaps this is why the man started his “church.” They later changed the name of project Bluebird to Artichoke. What is interesting, to me that is, is both Zodiac and Bluebird were names of cars manufactured back then. Lol!

    And, a lot of the Satan worship bullcrap was also once used in the early Mormon churches. A lot of child abuse, sexual abuse, and the same type of torture. If you check out this recent crime in Missouri committed by member of the Mormon church, you’ll see where I’m going with this: http://www.truecrimereport.com/2009/11/burrell_edward_mohler_sr_and_h.php
    This is an old man, accused of molesting members of his own family over the years, and maybe even murder is involved-the public doesn’t want to beleive it. They’d sooner believe KC is guilty than believe this stuff happens in America-and, around the world, too. But, the strange thread I found, and I know you’ll laugh, is the town in which this family lived was named Bates City-the main streets are 2nd and Z. (The first victim in the Zodiac Killer case was a college student in Ca. by the name of Bates) Ironically, a person that once produced horror films also lives in that quaint, small farming town. Lol!

    The person,or persons, that wrote the letters at the time of the killings appeared to be a writer that could act dumb, or be an accomplished writer, as if they were writing poetic justice s). He laments over the inaction of the public in solving the crimes. He praises the movie the “Exorcist” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Exorcist_%28film%29), and in the same breath criticizes the movie advertisements of the “Badlands” because it advocates killing people. After reading the rhetoric written by what many assumed to be the killer, your head would spin like Linda Blairs’.

    I think maybe these killings were a terrorist tactic by our own government to control large groups of people, including the local sheriff’s dept, and the media sources.

    • Sounds horrific, I just don’t know what to make of it. Some producer could make an interesting documentary about all you wrote here. I have connections in the Hills now, lol, maybe I find an interested party.

      • In the “Hills”? Lol!

        Furthermore, kidnapping a “paperboy,” such as Gocsh and Martin from Iowa,could very well play into that scenario.

        I do know the Germans had banned some video games in their county that children were playing in the USA…this was way back when. After googling “Paperboy” I found this archaic game-which promotes a mafia type mentality because the player vandalizes the homes of non subscribers along his route: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperboy_%28video_game%29

        Notice the Television section of the article. Another old article on the subject: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,807107,00.html

        • So the paperboy in the game was trying to prevent journalists to work ?? (I never understand why people play those games , my sons love them. I think it is a waste of time. And I don’t have the patience 🙂

          • From what I gathered, the “Paperboy’s” mission is to force other people into subscribing to the newspaper he delivers. An excerpt:
            The player controls a paperboy on a bicycle delivering newspapers along a suburban street which is displayed in a cabinet perspective view. The player attempts to deliver a week of daily newspapers to subscribing customers, attempts to vandalize non-subscribers’ homes and must avoid hazards along the street. Subscribers are lost by missing a delivery or damaging a subscriber’s house.

            • What ever happened to chess 🙂

            • I’ve never played chess. Played checkers, Monopoly, backgammon, and all kinds of card games.

              You see, the generation your son lives in is quite different from the one you lived in at his age. Is he smarter or dumber, ya think?

            • I don’t know if they are smarter; they just seem to understand everything about computers just like that. 🙂

          • The point I was trying to make, and that would soon be lost, is this: Government intervention through psyops (psychological operations) far as well as populations here. Their studies were useful for other industries as well, though it is doubtful it actually facilitated production of any product. Conversely, The same techniques used by organized media outlets have increased their production and bottom line as you can see by what has happened in Fla. in the KC case. And, making sense of the nonsense written by the bloggers and commenters tells me something-they’ve been brainwashed! Just as planned and researched for warfare tactics. JMO as always.

  47. Have a great evening, Ina…been nice chatting!

  48. Update! The left foot that was found here on the beach, was that of an Englishman from Hull, who was missing since November 2008. The police said so this morning. The 2 feet had the same DNA. The police has no reason to think there was a crime.

    Now why didn’t the feet emerge sooner than Summer 2010 and in two different countries I wonder. But still they have no reason to think it was a crime. Where is the rest of the man? Those feet didn’t just walk away from the body somehow?

  49. The sneakers probably floated because of buoyancy. Different tides and under currents delayed the timing and geographical location of each foot-just a guess.

  50. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this site. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade content from you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my very own blog now 😉

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