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  1. Couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d view your mess. Lol!

    Maybe you could replace the blue tarps with some treated 2X4 or 2X6 and get some wisteria growing above for shade. Take a few 2X6s and build a table…rough, outdoorsy looking. Or, find an old wooden electrical spool and use it for a table. Get a trash can and make them use it. Like the green chairs! Like the pavers, too. Those can be stained different colors, ya know.

    You should see the mess I’ve got going now! Whew! Hopefully tomorrow is big trash day. I’ve got some big old speakers to throw out. My room seems empty now! Lol! But, I found a terrific winged back recliner at a thrift shop for under $20! Wow! You should see it! It’s perfect! It had something white on it around the shoulder area; must have been lotion or Bengay or something like that. I used vinegar and water on it and it looks new again! Lol! It’s only about 5 years old. Probably cost around $600 new.

    I’ve also been busy trying to fill a curio cabinet that was given to me. After I realized I didn’t have many curios, I put some China in it that was also a gift. It looks really nice. Amazingly, it only relieved one shelf in the kitchen. (I packed things in tight) Lol! Now, I have to get rid of a bunch of old magazines…the house will be much lighter then. Not to mention old phone books that aren’t needed. And, of course, there’s that pair of holy sweat pants that is difficult to part with. Lol!

  2. Hey I was up already when you posted this 🙂
    No the plastic was just there for that party, as we expected rain but it didn’t rain, it is the place where the car usually stands. Not much sun there. Drive way? sounds a bit glorious for the place lol.
    The green chairs are actually not painted wood, they normally stand at the back of the house.

    So you have been doing some serious cleaning & refurnishing! Get rid of the sweat pants! lol! Looked it up: the recliner is an easy chair!

    It is amazing what you can get for little money. And it is much more fun to get an older piece, it doesn’t come with the stress to keep it new. Imagine what treasures you could find in them! (idea for story) Only matrasses and pillows, bed stuff, I think they should be new every 5 years or so.

  3. Here is a link to the type of magazines I’m getting rid of. Hate to throw them away. Maybe a nursing home would like them.
    http://www.more.com/ YOu’d probably enjoy this one.

  4. Those kind of magazines are like the ones I sometimes buy too, just to dream away a bit 🙂 They can be about nice old houses and such.
    I liked the link to “More” as well; it says members can write short stories, so I might try!
    It is raining here, and I have this stupid injury on my leg which makes it tricky to go out doors ( I am afraid the bandage will fall off in the middle of the street or something lol) so maybe I can pursuade husband to do the shopping again.
    How is the new chair?

  5. Oh, I don’t think anyone ever sat in the chair much, at least not until they soiled it. The cushion isn’t broke in or soiled and there isn’t a speck of anything under the cushion. It was probably in a guest room or study until that day when some child or teenager sat in it with creme or shampoo or something on their head or shoulder. It has mainly chenille in the fabric, and I know no upholstery cleaner would touch it. Too much risk!

    It looks most like this one, but the legs are more ornate (deluxe turned legs as described online):

  6. Sorry to hear about your leg. Hope you are okay. Maybe some gauze and something you can wrap all the way around will get you mobile again. What did you do do it?

    Here is a popular magazine:

    Have a great day, Ina!

  7. I got it while excersizing on the hometrainer, bleeding like hell, a big, wide spot and now I try to look after it with biogaze and bandage, but it is in a stupid place I can’t see so I have to bend in all kinds of directions, and when I put a wrap around it, I stumbled over it, well it wasn’t pretty. I think my husband will have to do the next change. Messy 😦

  8. http://www.more.com/preview/5702/24525 lol not sure I am allowed to put it here but I take the change 🙂 it is a preview in More. I just gave it a shot.

  9. Did you submit an article? I can’t get anything on that link. It’s a great magazine! They spotlight women over the age of 40. I think I gave you a link to a woman that was protesting the coal mines in Virginia that was featured in that magazine a while back.

    You’re smart! I think you would enjoy this, too: http://www.wilsonquarterly.com/
    They never called me sun-I was never too bright. In fact, I may have been known as the flower child…the bloomin’ idiot! Lol!

    Sorry to hear about your gash. Do you think you need stitches? Keep it clean! Perhaps some hydrogen peroxide will help keep the infection away and something with aloe vera will reduce the scarring. If it’s bleeding, that’s good because it will clean the area. I’ve barely nicked myself before and it looked like a bloodbath. Lol!

  10. Great site too! There is so much to read!
    I got booties, grey ones with some broderie, for the winter already. Just 34,95 € sot that is not much. I think I don’t need anything else for this winter.

    Something funny to tell you in the teapot 🙂

    Stitches, I think it will heel without them.

  11. I can’t get into the teapot now. Sounds like it was you, and not the other person. Thank goodness you were alert! Maybe your wound will close up soon.

  12. Hope so. My story was approved and is published on More 🙂 http://www.more.com/4950/24525- the link worked when I checked. http://www.more.com/community/members__stories here it says it is published under top stories lol, I suppose that means it was okay 🙂

    How are you doing over there?

    Son left for a pop festival and the other one hasn’t returned from political promo activities on the mainland, so husband and me have the house to ourselves…

    • Great! You were published! Wow!

      I had read it before and really liked it. On this site I could barely see it because the background was black and the lettering wasn’t true white.

      Hope you enjoy their articles, too!

  13. Black?? I never saw it black?

    I did read some, I am enjoying. 🙂

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