Once I found out that the birth records of my grandmother, my father’s mother, still existed, I learned a lot more about my ancestors. I had already found a lot just by googling, but to verify, I needed official documents.  And I got them. She had a very long familytree.  Her niece recently told me my grandmother was aware of her familyroots, but it was never spoken about when I was a child. It was not important of course, it played no role.

It still isn’t important or something to boast about or anything like that, but it just is a thrill for me to go back so far, and learn about so many historical people I only knew from history books! And to think – they are all in the family! lol

My living family again is totally not interested in this familytree I am so proudly reconstructing, they don’t understand why I spend hours on row just spitting for old bones. They think it is crazy. But worldwide there are many other people just as crazy as I am, so at least online I can share a lot of my enthousiasm.

Now of those many ancestors that I never met, my favorite is Aleid van Avesnes aka Aleid van Holland, buried 12 April 1284, daughter of Floris IV of Holland and Machteld of Brabant  and married to Jan van Avesnes.

My interest for her is not just because of  her role in the history of the Netherlands, but also because she had an amazing line of ancestors, a real treassure for genealogists. William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne! David 1 of Scotland. A trip through history, and Shakespeare’s MacBeth will never be the same to me.

But how to find a face that goes with the figure?

I googled of course, but I just got some vague figure on a coin, and a statue of hers that was made much later, so there is no telling what she must have looked like.

If somehow a painting exists of her, I would love to see it! So that is what I am trying to find. A painting portraying Aleid. If I ever find it, I will show you 

Duncan 1, also hanging somewhere in the tree  🙂

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