Sometimes, when you don’t expect it, life has the nicest surprises for you. Yesterday evening I got a very nice message, from a dear person (none of your business lol) and it made my day.

The song is just here cause of the title πŸ™‚ For the longest time.

Full of energy I will start work to day. πŸ™‚ I hope some of my joy will rub off lol.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ina!

  2. A few thoughts about time:

    It seems as people age, their perception of time, or how they remember themself doing things in a fixed amount of time at a younger age, is off kilter from the rest of the world. Case in point: A woman walking across a parking lot broke into a run as she feared an oncoming elderly gentleman that didn’t think people were moving fast enough. She must have thought to herself it was because she was black and he was a bigot. False. I heard a man in the same age group brag how he could do what would take the average person 2-3 days to do in 30 minutes!

    My mother married someone along that line, though not so severe. He taught her to email and use the computer. Next, they bought a GPS to go in the car. She used it on her trip to see me last year. She then went to my brothers house. Thanks to the GPS system, she made the trip in a mere 8 hours. I can make it in 4-4/1/2 hours! Lol!

    I’ve also thought a lot about the gal that cut my hair and her perception of time. What do people really do with their time? You’re talking to someone and then their cell rings. You disappear off the face of the earth while they think they are entertaining you by talking to someone else you can’t see or hear. What’s up with that?!!

    “Excuse me, my azz is ringin’!”

    So, driving around I noticed how others manage their time. On likes to wait until the last minute and cross three lanes of traffic to make the exit right in front of you-barely missing you by a foot or so at a speed of more than 60 miles per hour. We all may be dead soon, but, we’re making good time! Another, a well educated mini-Cooper driver, reads the newspaper while driving. I feel like such a loser…I’m happy with just the radio!

    I just went out to relax on the patio. My neighbor, the one with the awful dog, is arguing with his girlfriend.(This is why the dog is so dysfunctional).

    “I love you, but the F*#king griping, etc.” (I’m surprised he didn’t say, “At ease.”

    Time to go in and write about time, I think. This is how they choose to spend their time.

    It seems as many are in a hurry to go nowhere fast. Eventually, we become the person that people in the parking lot are afraid of.And, what did we do with all our time?

    • Those are deep thoughts! Time is all we have, but if we want to use our time effective, we forget the fun of leisure. Most happy times are moments spent idle. The nicest memories are those of days when time didn’t matter at all. A whole day , a whole Summer even, spent on the beach in the sixties had no hours, but is one big moment in time to treasure.

      I hardly ever wear a watch. Not thinking of time as a limit agent to my actions, makes me more relaxed.

      Now it is time to have breakfast. My stomach has a clock of its own πŸ˜‰

  3. This song addresses some very deep thoughts, too:

    • Nice! You know on Open Salon a writer from Hamilton Nova Scotia made me a favorite, so perhaps I learn something more about Canada. πŸ™‚ nice huh colony of losers πŸ™‚

      • That is a very disturbing and depressing blog, IMO. Sounds like he and everyone he knows are druggies. I think the drugs is why people have so many psychological problems now. Their children are really messed up! What’s worse: they want to tell everyone about it!

        Last fall at a local festival a man selling funnel cakes started to tell me about his acid experiences and how he started his ministry for people with drug and alcohol problems. I nice thought, but, I”m really burned out on hearing about peoples drug and alcohol problems.

        The polka is about to start. Thanks! Delicious funnel cake!

        • He writes Charles Bukowski – like, I think. Nightmare-ish

          And you danced away and left him standing alone, with interesting experiences from his stoned age lol.

          Funnel cakes they look good! They are associated with Pennsylvania Dutch, but I have never had a piece 😦

          My son quite smoking (I am so pleased) and now he is tasting food again. I think I will bake an applepie. Looks a bit like this funnelvision I got.

  4. Gracie said:

    Hello! I just love days when nice unexpected things happen.

  5. Charles Bukowski, eh? Maybe. It could be his true real life experiences also. Rather disturbing.

    I got my hair done again yesterday. This time she told many tales prior to me going under the dryer. She is indeed a bona fide psychopath! She said she thinks about killing other people often and has issues with rage she just can’t control. (She and her friend like me and invited me over to their new place-don’t want to be the person she would like to kill. Lol!) She was raped by more than one of her six step-fathers-all police officers. Her mother was a police officer and did nothing about it. She really, really hates men like no one you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, this behavior is all too common around here. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I recognize she is dangerous and should be locked up because it is doubtful she can get any type of help she really needs. I think she gets into scams and these retired officers help her out of them. She said one does background checks on people for her. She also told about her neighbor being involved in making his own credit cards (or something similar) while going to law school. It is very believable for this area. A lot of what she says makes sense. I think there are many more like her out there that operate these scams and are bailed out or protected by people like her step-fathers. She told many things that she has never been caught on. Really scary stuff!

    However, my hair looks great! She really has a skill!

    • πŸ˜• lol I think you should move to a nicer place, and get another person to do your hair! And who knows what she told you when you were under the dryer and couldn’t hear!

      • I think you’re right!

        • This guy did “Time in a Bottle”


            • He looked nice enough to mess around with? I have been reading a bit wow, sometimes you learn a lot online!

            • My crotchedy neighbor is pretty much the standard issue around here. I knew that from the first discussion of what to do with the bird dog puppy that crawled into my yard and destroyed my cushions, bird bath, among other things. I suggested we go in half and purchase a new fence. He countered with me purchasing it and he’d install it. Lol! I seriously doubt he would know how. He’s way too much of a He Man Super Hero. Lol! Later, having the spirit of forgiveness, I offered to trade him fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for his lawn clippings. I guess he thought I was trying to get over on him. Lol! I think he is former military and they are staunch believers in self-interest. Why would I do such a thing? Must be up to something! (I was just trying to get along and be a good neighbor-no chance with him). More than likely this is his third or fourth wife. Same for her if she crys as much as he described. Perhaps she is emotionally immature or has some hormonal imbalance.

              The hairdresser said when she was in school, she’d invite people over for a slumber party then turn out the lights and just start punching people. Then she’d flip the lights back on and ask, “Who is throwing all those punches?” She is both scary, but very funny at the same time. I laughed so hard!She said she was homecoming queen. Guess that’s what it takes around here. I, too, was in homecoming, but no one I went to school with was like that! I can’t remember one girl fight and very few guy fights. I don’t think they were as obnoxious then. They were in the larger towns where we’d go to play ball. They liked to hit and scratch, but after you knocked one to the ground the others would just leave you alone. (When one would bend over to pass the ball, you could just grab their wrists and flip the over. Lol….much fun!)

            • Sounds bizarre to punch people in the dark for fun but maybe it is πŸ™‚ What does homecoming mean? Homecoming queen, heard that phrase a lot but what is it? (I can’t remember if I asked it before lol)

            • Usually the prettiest girls are selected to represent the school. I my case I guess my personality carried me. Lol! It’s usually held at the end of the sport season. Ours was basketball since we didn’t have a football team. (Maybe that is why we didn’t have many fights. Lol!) I was dating a guy on the basketball team that nominated me. I made it again the next year, but can’t remember how because we weren’t dating at that time…(I think that’s how that happened…not for sure)

            • So it is a sort of miss election, and you made it twice! Wow! πŸ™‚

              So what is a Homecoming queen (it sounds as if a gay person had a good time in his house ) suppose to do? How many are there per school and does my son have to be aware of them lol?

  6. Here is a video of a Homecoming parade. It’s sort of a celebration to unite people of a particular community. Some churches hold them for all that have been members. Sort of a church family reunion. There are different types of Homecoming. Usually in high school it is often related to sports events and the school itself.

  7. I am of to bed now, goodnight! πŸ™‚ And thanks for the chat!

  8. They dress up for prom. At Homecoming more formal gowns are worn…or were at one time. I can’t find much on homecoming. Here’s some prom attire:

    • πŸ™‚ nice! It reminds me of the new years ball of the nautical college here. πŸ™‚ I went 2 or 3 times.

  9. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Ina! It sounds a little disco, the music that is. Like the new blog format. Hope you enjoy this one:

  11. πŸ™‚ A bit like silence is golden?

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