It all started because we were out of milk and I was the only one not interested in the tv coverage of the Dutch soccerteam being honoured by the people in Amsterdam. I just have had it with orange. I cannot see another orange anymore. So I went to the store, with my bag. It is a short walk really, down the street on a dune, across the lighthouse square, and there it is, our local supermarket. Everything you need for a meal is there.

There were also many tourists. They were not in a hurry. They had to read every label on every tin, pot or box and translate. “Mutti, wass ist denn dass?”

I got the milk and wanted to go to the checkout counter. And while I was walking in that direction, a backwards German decided to run into me. That is, he walked backwards and swapped me of my feet? Anyhow, he sort of slided and I landed on top of his leg. Don’t ask me how!

I suppose it was embaressing, to sit like that on the floor, and it became even worse when his wife started to yell at him. “Was machst du jetzt?”
But he was okay. I was okay. Even the milk was okay.
He got up and helped me up. How nice of him! I said Danke SchΓΆn and payed for my milk.

When I got home, I noticed the plastic bottle had a bruise.
“How come, do you think?” my husband asked.
“International problems on the food market,” I explained. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Were you two attempting this move?

    Lol! Hope you are okay! So, is that how the Dutch make milk shakes?

  2. πŸ™‚ lol yes that is the easy way. The other way is to twirl a cow around our head!

  3. I saw them again yesterday, walking. He politely nodded. πŸ™‚

  4. Check this out:

    Interesting! I have read before that the first man may have been black. I even believed it; perhaps whites lost their color as they moved to colder climates with less sun. I always had a hard time beleiving black people came from white people.

    Even in the Bible, Cain questions about being sent out. He thought someone else would kill him. Who else would have been out there?

    • Cain was the first person with paranoia? I think we all descend from some sort of ape lol. Still noticable with some people! :mrgreen:
      That poor family in the clip will have to do a lot of explaning with their white child. No one will believe the baby is theirs. I heard of a girl who was white first, then later became dark. Probably a joke of mother nature, who must be getting bored with us humans.

  5. I think my neighbor is a direct descendant of an ape. This is why:
    Last evening they decided to either stand in the doorway, or were outside, when they started the brew-ha-ha. The gist of it: She crys too much, took her children over to her mother’s house when he told her not to, the crying affects his brain; she shouldn’t do that, he’ll pay for a motel room for her. He wants to make their marriage work. (Who’d thunk it? They must be newly weds. He replaced the bird dog with her I suppose). So what if he gets power hungry-afterall, he is a man! (She didn’t understand all the components of men when she took on this assignment I guess).

    They then took to the airwaves after she left the house-argueing via cell phone so not only my neighborhood could get an earful, but also what ever area she relocated to. Lol!

    After the crying stopped, he fired up the mower. He wanted to feel like a man and real men mow yards during an argument. The roar of the mower was much more soothing than her crying. (Guess this is why everyone owns Harleys around here). I went in. This morning I noticed the mower sitting next to the fence. Why? I have no idea because there couldn’t possibly be any grass there because of that dang dog!

    I think he was hoping I’d be on the other side and he could unload. I’m not for certain, but, Mattel may have manufactured too many over-sized, lithium powered Ken dolls at one time with a voice box with prerecorded woes about their spouse.

    I would be prepared this time if the subject came up.

    It’s that dog. I read a study that people with unruly dogs have difficulties in relationships. My advice: get rid of the dog! Lol!

    • LOL I hope you got some sleep anyway!

      Here we had shiploads of teenagers partying in the street (well a block away) all night, shouting and singing. It went on till dawn. They must be knock out by now, in a tent or on a sailing vessel, away from home and mommy, having their first holiday hang over and, in the afternoon, waking up beside their first holiday romance.

      “Hi. That was great.”
      “Hi. Yes, it was. Did we go safe?”
      “I think we didn’t go at all. I am thirsty. Do you know where I left my bike?”
      “We walked.”
      “No we didn’t? What is your name?”

      Glad I am old and married. LOL.

  6. Over the past couple of years, I have nearly had the same experience you had with the German.

    I went into a local bookstore a couple years back and was cornered by a man telling me about his impending divorce. It really turned me off; I never went back. Since that time he has approached me on a couple of different occasions, once in the grocery store. Yep, I was standing there squeezing the bread to check for freshness when I got something fresh.

    “You smell really nice!”

    Blah,blah,blah, blah. After he decided I wasn’t responding, he wished me and my husband a nice evening.

    Yesterday, while shopping mind you, the same fellow approached me. (I wasn’t in the grocery store either). Each time he has done this, he never seems to recognize me. (He is a former Marine and wears the emblems and other paraphernalia proudly).

    Sooo, when he asked me to go have tea, I agreed. It was the only way I knew to keep him from sneaking up on me while I am shopping. Perhaps if we talked a while he would become more familiar with my face and not do this again I thought.

    We met at a place he must not have been familiar with because they were closed. We went next door. Grabbed some tea, he had the diet Coke, and headed back to the sitting area to chat. It turns out he is STILL going though his SEPARATION! Lol! (I thought as much) Yet, I had to know why out of a crowd of people he always latched onto me even though he doesn’t seem to recognize me each time.

    He is an artist and a member of the art community in the area. I can only imagine he has seen me at some of the events. (I’ve been told I look like an artist…at least that is what one gal said a couple of months ago at the arts festival). I never let on how many times he has done this. I learned a lot about him. He is really into the Marines as today he wore a shirt with the emblem. Yesterday it was shorts. I think when he was younger he used it to pick up girls. He bragged about his military retirement (an enticement for wife # whatever). Then he asked if I would like to go walking in the park sometime. I knew the park. To go walking with a married man? Outrageous! I can only imagine how many times he has done this and how many different people he meets.

    I feel safer now having sat and chatted with him.

    After having my hair cut by a dyke that dwells on killing people, buzzing the back of it off with an electric razor and saying, “Sounds like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre;” I feel a little bolder.

    Hope your day was nice.

  7. πŸ™‚ That was brave, to have a drink with this person! You will probably run into him more often? I wonder, would he remember you said no?

    Village People – In the navy (version originale)
    Geüpload door scorpiomusic. – Bekijk nog meer muziek video's in HD!

    Dutch song ” Make sure you join the Navy! ” Dorus was a famous comedian artist. systema red shorts is son. I had to laugh when I saw this, but it is a serious sport. I liked the little kid there lol. The boy playing with the child is my sons best friend. πŸ™‚

  8. Very handsome son! Looks like he is progressing. Hope they teach him to use his feet-he is very tall and could reach farther than most.

    I don’t know if he will remember, Ina. I’m guessing he is thinking of another plan. It has been my experience with men raised in this area that they only want someone that will listen to them squal about their wife or ex-wife. If you aren’t into that, they aren’t into you. It won’t take long for him to find me a major turnoff! Lol! At least he had a while to study my face and should be able to recognize me before doing that again. I’m not afraid of him; I know where he worked.

    It seems as if his wife had a hysterectomy and he can’t handle it. Perhaps she is too bitchy. Of course, I don’t know who he’ll find that isn’t. Lol! All women go through that.(He seemed quite forthright, yet deceitful) Some never come out of it. Some go through it years before they even need hormones…born bitches! Lol! If it bothered him that much, he’d be divorced. I think this is part of his nature and character. He has probably pulled this with every woman he has been married to.

    And, as often as he has pulled this on me, I feel as if I already know him. Lol!

  9. He is looking for a mistress! And you are the chosen one. Perhaps you could settle for just friendship. Nothing wrong with that? If he is nice, that is. Not because you are sorry for him. Or did he already hit the road?

  10. Yes, looking for a mistress I suppose. It’s part of the basic cultural set-up here. I live in the Bible belt. He more than likely is looking to trade up with little or no effort on his part in contributing to a relationship. Friendship? Ha! I would just like for him to recognize me before he starts hitting on me again.

    Someone will feel sorry for him; not me. This is how they form the majority of their dysfunctional relationships. If you are single, you must be homosexual or not interested. You really have to be married to meet someone or everyone will think something is amiss: mental problems, criminal, sexual deviancy, etc. He is a bolder, but all too common, example of what everyone else is doing. Actually, it’s the repetition that makes him stand out. Lol!

    Perhaps an arms length friend. Friendly enough to be cordial when I see him in a store. Friendly enough that he doesn’t lose face while he does the silly things he does. I seriously doubt I am the only person he does this to. I probably resemble someone he knows or has known and that is why he picks me out of the crowd if I’m anywhere near.

  11. An arms length – it is not the arm that you should worry about! But keeping a distance is wise I think. Unless he is very very special of course πŸ™‚

    Sometimes male friends can be handy. Lifting stuff and such. A girl has to be practical?

  12. You’re correct, Ina. Keeping a distance would probably be best. I was just tiring of him.

    Lifting? Hmmm!!!!! I almost asked the guy a couple doors down to help me pull the fence over. He always looks at me when he drives by. I was about to until he pulled out his Harley.(He normally drives a mundane looking station wagon) Lol! It’s a couple of big ole burly fellows and a child I think. They had a yard sale last weekend. Lots of childrens clothes, a fusball (sp) table, mag wheels- guy stuff you know. I think they got to thinking: wow! what a great way to meet women. They soon started bringing decorative items toward the front of the driveway. You know, stuff like metal candle-holders and something else. Lol! They are probably nice guys. However, I think I may invest in a come-along for all my fencing needs. Lol!

    He did mention that he used the computer in the coffee shop we were in to order things on Ebay. Nothing illegal. Just stuff you have to go through a doctor to get, e.g., some type of rub for sore back muscles that you get through a chiropractor. Wonder what else? Lol!

    I just got new eyeglasses. Can’t see a thing. I think they are too strong! The doctor said the problem was I couldn’t see up close and I couldn’t see far away. WTF? What can I see? I can’t read with these things on. It makes everything blurry. Guess I’ll try them for a few days and if it is still like that I’ll get a second opinion. Hope when I get my hearing checked they don’t say: the problem is you are deaf in one ear and simply can’t hear in the other. Lol!

    • A great way to meet women, selling trash πŸ™‚ I don’t think so? On the other hand, what better way to learn about a person than to see what he wants to get rid off πŸ™‚

      Didn’t he give you bi focall glasses? Mine are like that too, the upper part for distance, the lower for reading. Perhaps you must learn to peep through the lower part if you want to read. πŸ™‚ it might give you a certain arrogant look lol like the one I have on my avatar.

      My eyes are getting dimmer (dumber?) the eyedoc thinks it is cataract and one day I might go for surgery but she says not too soon. She will tell me when it is time. Nice 😦

      Born to be wild! Men are sometimes born to be child, I think lol. Same difference? πŸ™‚

      Emmylou! I once had her music on a cassette tape. Whatever happened to her?

  13. Enjoy…an oldie, but goodie:

  14. Sunny tunes to get the day started πŸ™‚

  15. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, they are bifocal glasses. No line. I can’t tell much difference when I look down, though. However, the prescription seems rather strong and it makes me feel drunk to wear these. Maybe after a week it well go away. I had a problem seeing two objects side-by-side. They would appear to be at different level or different sizes. (I actually asked the gal helping me how tall she was because I thought my perception of her height was out of whack. 5’1″. Then I recalled I was wearing 2 inch heels and that would be why I seemed to tower over her. Lol!(I’m taller than her anyway, but in heels she seemed like a midget)Yesterday, while driving, I noticed one side of the pavement appeared higher than the other. Before it was just small insignificant things. Now it’s larger things. Wow! I think one eye is weaker than the other and this causes that distortion. Maybe it will correct it self. I can recall this happening many years ago when I first got glasses. It went away. After that all I needed was reading glasses. Maybe it won’t go away since I’m older. I’ve looked through my mother’s glasses and they aren’t that strong. Not many need glasses in my family. Hope this is temporary.

    I am concerned she may have written things down wrong, too. A guy she works with was irritating her.

    “Stop hoovering. The only reason you hoover is to criticize!”

    She told him!

    What bothers me is I like to wear sunglasses when I’m outside. These don’t get dark in the car, but they do outside of the car.

    I don’t know what happened to Emmy Lou. Guess she’s still around.

    The yard sale: hmmm, maybe they could assume they’ve given up the fooseball table and are ready to settle down. Lol! Born to be child is right! Lol!

    • β€œStop hoovering. The only reason you hoover is to criticize!” lol I suppose that is the outcome of the psycholog-azing cult over there as you mentioned?
      Sounds like Woody Allen πŸ™‚

      I got my first pair when I was 9 and I remember how my friends took me through the town. “Can you see this? Can you see that?” I had never noticed so many details, like the stuff between bricks in walls. Treeleaves.
      I needed glasses much sooner, I never read the blackboard but just wrote down what the teacher read out loud. But I sure look horrible with them as the deform my face. I had contacts for years, but my eyedoc said I had to stop using them. That is when I gave up and put on a few pounds. lol Glad they are gone again. πŸ™‚

  16. Eyeglasses can be used as an accessory. Children are cruel, calling others that wear glasses ‘4-eyes’ and such other esteem cursing names. You have a pretty face-high cheek bones!

    He was hovering and criticizing in an attempt to lower her self-esteem, much like a child that calls other people names. If he can lower her self-esteem, he will feel elevated; she already knew this. They are very critical around here. Maybe she wasn’t raised here, but came in to go to college. She nailed it right on the head.

    I returned to college as an adult a few years ago. After getting in a group (team, ha!) of really mean bullying girls (one guy met them, when they were being nice, and suggested I call the police-they were that rough!)I decided to drop the class if I couldn’t get out of the group. I was tiring of being jumped on every time they had a meeting right before class. (They were loud, obnoxious, and threatening-at least three of the four were) He let me do the project on my own. There was a competition. I just wanted to pass the class because groups of 6-8 had about three months to do the project, and I, on my own had about three weeks. There were three judges, all professors. One, a younger guy, was very critical. You could tell this was a serious flaw in his personality. When, at the end of the presentation, he asked me why I wasn’t in a group I was dumbfounded. (He was almost as mean as the girls) I just said I had a long way to go. Walked off. His eyes and head turned and watched me walk off. Later, the former head bully, came up to me and said, “He is cute!” I think he was pissed I had had enough of his derogatory comments. I can only imagine how the college girls took it because they thought he was good looking.

    The moral of the story: There is more to looks than what’s on the outside. Glasses cannot deform your face unless you choose to believe that.

  17. Thanks! Makes my day πŸ™‚

    What a nasty group over there! I hope you passed you exams! Good for you that you went back to college.
    As soon as some people join a group, they become aggressive. It must have to do with feeling powerfull when with many. It is the only reason armies are succesfull; I doubt men on their own would fight like soldiers do. So perhaps in some circumstances it is usefull (when the fight is for a good cause).

    No what I meant was the strength of the glasses (-6,5 at this moment) make my eyes look a lot smaller than they are, and it is not a nice thing to see. But I always wear my glasses, I am not vane enough to get under a car πŸ™‚

  18. I took first place over several classes that worked in groups. After I finished and walked away, I walked off in the opposite direction from which I was supposed to. You see, Ina, the leader of my former group, and head bully, was sitting on that side of the room. He had asked her to come in and time the presentation. She never called time. (I think she enjoyed watching me dodge his seething, surly remarks). He must have thought me crazy to walk that direction-he bent his neck as far as it could go as I left; I could see him from the corner of my eye. As I passed her I said, “Good luck.”

    As I sat out in the corridor, my professor came out and was beaming. He must have thought: boy! you told him! (I had promised him if I could leave the group I wouldn’t disappoint him-I kept my word). I guess this guy probably criticizes other professors as well.

    He had absolutely no idea how nasty these girls were. The leader was selected because she talked really fast and was into kick-boxing. I was afraid they would catch me in the parking lot and knock me down. Normally, I wouldn’t have been afraid, but I had injured my leg and knew I couldn’t stand to get knocked down or my leg would snap. I actually carried a razor blade in my pocket because I feared they would start kicking me if I didn’t conform to their ludicrous ideas. Even after I won, she followed me out into the parking lot and got in another verbal swipe.

    My glasses are like 1.75…not too bad I guess. Seems like a magnifying glass to me.

    “Not vane enough to get under a car?” What does that mean?

  19. It sounds like a battle more then a schoolday.
    Not vane enough: I don’t put my glasses of to look better (only on pics) because it is dangerouos. I am as blind as a bat. πŸ™‚

  20. Yeah, it was. Their idea that we were working on was wedding planning. Lol! I thought this would be a group of sweet girls; they should have been planning WWF, kickboxing tournaments, and barroom brawling. Lol! I think they hung out in the bars and casinos alot…that’s how I knew which one I could really get if I was attacked. You have to be over 21 to get in a bar here.

    I noticed the frames were much like the ones in the 70s when I first got my glasses. In fact, I think I have those here. My mother sent a bunch of stuff home with me a few years ago. Believe it or not, she still had one of my Barbie dolls! She wouldn’t give it to me years ago because she was afraid I would have given it away. I would have. I am thankful she kept it.

    Yeah, sounds like you may be legally blind. Are your lens really thick?

    • Those barbies came up at JB mission lol you might like to chat about the seventies there also πŸ™‚

      Wedding planning? As a project? I am getting curious about what your job is πŸ™‚

      The glasses are made thinner but the effect is the same, the eyes look a lot smaller. I have blurred vison on one eye, and a start of it on the other and that is the start of cataract my eyedoc thinks, so there will be surgery in future. Or go blind I suppose.
      Legally blind is a phrase I don’t know of here, I read it once and thought hey in America I am legally blind? What is illegal in being blind btw? But with glasses, I still can see most everything normal. Just sometimes I need more light.

  21. Remember this one?

  22. Legally blind is 20/40 I think. I have a friend, and former co-worker, whose glasses were as thick as the bottom of a pop bottle. If something came up we both had to look at, I’d make him stand behind me because if I was behind him I’d get dizzy. Lol! (I don’t know why I would look through his glasses, but I would. I’ve noticed I do that to people driving if I’m in the back seat. An idiosyncrasy, I suppose).

    I wonder if laser surgery could have helped your vision at all?

    • 20/40 is also a term I never heard before.
      The glasses I got are not made of glass but a sort of plastic and pressed so it is not so thick. I have glasses without a frame btw, that was fashion a few years ago and they would only pop out lol.

      Funny idiosyncrasy (I looked it up and I will put it in my jar of phrases on the bottem of this blog lol) ).

      Laser: my eyedoc said nothing about it and I never asked. πŸ™‚

  23. They are doing wonders with laser eye surgery now a days. If my eyes don’t improve in the next year or two, I may consider it. They shot air into my eyes to dilate them. They used to use some type of liquid that would make your vision blurry for hours.

    My new ones only have metal at the top. My old ones would pop out, too. Guess that’s why I hardly ever wore them. I only needed them for reading. These I’ll need if I want to see street signs and such.

    Did you not have Barbie dolls in Holland? I’d rather chat with you. They probably had scuds of dolls. I grew up in a small town. I only had a couple. I recall my mother bartering chicken eggs with a woman who made doll clothes. Lol! Strange, since there were more chicken houses around than anything else. (Maybe my memory isn’t that great, too).I used to make doll houses from the heavy chicken boxes that were used for packing poultry for shipping.

    There were only a couple of stores in town. Main drag was about 100 yards long. Yep, you could skateboard it in a matter of seconds. Lol!

  24. Dilating: I have had that done too a couple of times for examination, and yes, you are totally blind for a while, always bring sunglasses!

    I had barbies, first one on my 8th bd. In a red evening gawn. Can you imagine waking up next to that fairytale? I remember very well, I slept in the living room of the older part of the house (16something) as the bedroom was too damp. Advantage: the coalheater was there and it was always warm.
    I later also got Midge Ken Allan Frannie Skipper and a Robin I think (only child πŸ™‚ ) My eldest son beheaded them with his GI Joe’s. My mother made clothes for her too very well done, she was good in sewing.

    I like small towns, where you know people from birth till death.
    Did you have a candy shop too? We had one with 2 old spinster sisters who lived together. They were my grandmothers friends.
    They never went to the mainland, but one day it was going to happen. They were supposed to take the first ferry, and decided not to go to bed! so they would not oversleep. Of course they fell asleep and missed the boat. πŸ™‚

  25. Funny about the ladies missing the boat! πŸ™‚

    We had an Ashley stove for burning wood. My father and grandfather and other uncles would log sometimes. Plenty of wooded land around. Of course, at night there was no heat. Plenty of quilts, though. We never thought anything of it-not then.

    There was a little dairy queen (generic term) that served hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, Cokes, milkshakes, etc. called the Sugar Shack. It may have been named after this song:

    • LOL fireballs and a sugar shag πŸ™‚ do I have a dirty mind or is that funny?

      There are still some small shops here, they sometimes just last a few years and then become something else. Lately some were closed and not reopened, like in the 70’s. I hope that will change soon.

      No heat upstairs either and at night the fire would die. I remember that the blankets would be white with frost. We had hot water bottles to warm the bed, but my mother always wanted them out before I went in, because a girl got burned with the boiling water.

      Coal was expensive so my mother used pineapples that we would collect in fall, and newspapers. And spiritus to light the fire, very dangerous lol. She was fearless! I never met any one as courageous as my mother. But sometimes she took risks I would never take.

  26. An Ashley stove: is that like the English Aga thing, I saw that on escape to the country.

  27. I don’t know, Ina. I’ll look it up. It was a metal stove that you put wood in and had to clean out the ashes at the bottom. Usually starting the fire was my job because I always awoke before anyone else (not assigned-just did it).

    Pineapples or pine cones? Spiritus or alcohol?

    I recall a shop in town that had bras left over from the forties or fifties. Lol! They were pointed looking things like the biker chicks wear now, only in leather. If you went into one store that sold luncheon meat, you’d wonder to yourself if the dead flies cost extra.

    Isn’t it funny what we remember?

  28. Pine cones I think lol oops. Spiritus, the blue stuff with alcohol.

    πŸ™‚ And the stuff that was not there, no car, no phone, no indoor toilet, no shower, no television. No fridge. No washing machine.

    It is fun to remember and it is fun to realize how fortunate we are to have it now.

    We had a radio, I remember how we always listened to the news, especially the weather forcast and the water heights.
    In the evening my grandmother would be there and we do board games.
    Hm, it was cosy and sober.

  29. < < those kind of bra's? You can use tham as part
    y hats πŸ™‚

    My friends daughter Lara has her bd today so that is why I put it here, not that they ever read anything I do on the net lol. Patsy is great! Good song!
    I am off now, I wish you a good Saturday πŸ™‚

  30. Thanks for the video. It looks like something out of Dr. Shivago (sp). Happy bd Lara!

    The stove would have been more like this:
    Only, as I recall, it loaded from the side.

    No phone, fridge, car, washing machine? Yikes! Almost everyone had a refrigerator when I was a child. And a washing machine, even if it was the old ringer type:

    When I lived with my aunt, and sometimes grandmother, for a while there was no indoor toilet. I remember my other grandmother having indoor running water; you had to pump the handle at the sink. Lol!

    What type of board games? Checkers, chess, backgammon, Operation, Monopoly, Don’t Sink My Battleship…what?

    Have a great day, Ina! Enjoyed the chat!

  31. We did all sorts of games, Mens erger je niet, ganzenbord, lol, scrabble , monopoly on Sundays, and my favorite, chess. Chess is the only one we still do at times. I like it very much πŸ™‚ I have a chess program on my laptop and I play every day against my puter.

    The games we did in trains to pass time, were those word games. Gallow, you know that one, you have to guess a word and everytime you say a wrong letter, you get hung a bit more πŸ™‚
    Come to think of it, that sounds like blogging on some blogs lol.

  32. Lol! YTeah, it does sound like blogging. Here are two things that came along in the same era:
    Pente- a board game

    And, a strange new wave sound-rather techno, don’t ya think?:

  33. Pente? Is that the same as “go”?
    The fun was always the game itself, I never cared if I wan or not, but I had a cousin who HAD to win, his mother told us to let him win, or he would get angry. ? Of course we didn’t let him win. My mother had principes. πŸ™‚

  34. I don’t know if Pente is the same as “go” or not; never heard of “go.”

    I know the sore loser type. They are usually rude and obnoxious, or at least rude.

    Many years ago I agreed to go with a friend to a meeting that was being held at like a VFW or something like that. He said everyone else was bringing their wife or girlfriend. Wrong. When we got there, I was the only woman. I felt so out of place. They they vanished into a room for some meeting that took over 4 hours. What on earth could they have been talking about? I got someone to take me into town, watched a movie, then hitched a ride back. When I got back, they were still in the meeting. Good grief!

    A couple of the locals were there inside the building. I guess they had a bar and they had a pool table (billiards). The guy that must have been there everyday asked me to play pool. I agreed. He broke. He didn’t stop sinking balls in until only one was left and the eight ball. Wow! He wasn’t playing just to pass the time. He was playing to stomp the shit out of me! I didn’t stop until the eight ball was in. This scenario played itself over three times until the meeting let out.

    The funny thing is: the person I went with never asked how or where I learned to play pool. All he said was everyone wanted to know where he found me-that guy had been their pool champion for like the last five years. Lol! Must have thought I was a barroom queen or something. Lol! (I had played pool with him and never won; didn’t want to).

    Some things you learn just to get away from your brothers friends. Lol!

    My mother wouldn’t have liked it.

  35. Punctuate where needed, please. Lol!

  36. You might find this interesting. From Hal Boedecker blog:

    But Anthony attorney Jose Baez took time to weigh in on coverage that his Kissimmee home is in foreclosure. WESH-Ch. 2’s Bob Kealing said Baez β€œjoked” about the reporting, but Baez sure didn’t seem like he was joking.

    β€œThe next time you want to send helicopters over my house, let me know,” Baez told reporters. β€œYou know how much helicopter fuel costs these days? I would have gladly have taken photos of my house, inside and out, if you would have donated that money to charity.”

  37. It is rediculous that they go after him with helicopters, will that really draw viewers to the stuff those reporters publish? Like he is a celebrity. Yes it will.
    He had a house worth more than $ 600,000 so I suppose he must have done okay as a lawyer some time. But then again, it was not that difficult to get a big mortage a few years ago in the USA, I think. It is a pitty he is in deep trouble. I think it has partly to do with the Anthony case, that he can’t abandon, as that would harm his reputation I think, but he also doesn’t get payed anymore? (I didn’t follow that quite well) He is in a predicament?

  38. I think the media sees this as a case of teamwork. Their team has beat the lawyer team.

    Actually, his house is more than likely only worth about half its original value and this was a wise decision on his part to let it go. The government always bails out the banks; it doesn’t bail out individuals. They haven’t been able to get the economy under control. Lots of people have lost their homes, and many more probably will in the future. This has nothing to do with the Anthony case, in my opinion, as the media would like to portray it.

    They want him to be a celebrity; he isn’t. They want the trial to look like the OJ Simpson trial; it’s far from that. Those people are delusional.

    • Must be a very frustrating job to be a defense lawyer in a case like this. If you win the case, the mob hates you, if you don’t win, the mob hates you anyway for trying to assist a, what is then, convicted murderer.

  39. Yeah, it’s a lose-lose situation!

    They have blown this out of proportion. It’s almost as if Casey Anthony is responsible for every lost/murdered child, every girlfriend that wasn’t faithful, every gal that ever told a lie, every person that can’t control their own children, and, last but not least, she must be held accountable for the economy. Lol!

  40. πŸ˜‰ Have a nice day!

  41. Many in the media fueling the hysteria related to this particular case are also women, (Nancy Grace, Kathi Belch, some bimbo that told the grandmother they’d handle the search for the missing child, and many others). Many of the hate spewers on the web are women (Mom Logic, Humble Opinion, crotch rot, and your crazy aunt to name a few). And, what about that idiot that tried to kill herself? Wow! Talk about ate up with it!!! What’s worse, a well known Dr. of whatever ags her on!

    You might enjoy this:

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