Peace comes from within

“Peace is a state of balance and understanding in yourself and between others, where respect is gained by the acceptance of differences, tolerance persists, conflicts are resolved through dialog, people’s rights are respected and their voices are heard, and everyone is at their highest point of serenity without social tension.” (wikip)

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” ( Buddha)

One of his teachings: Anicca That all things are impermanent.

So that means:Β  there are times of innertrouble, and times of innerpeace I suppose . Times you are at war with yourself andΒ  the world, and times you are not.

Makes sense.

all about Buddha

all about peace. The study of peace is called irenology (Irene = godess of peace)

Just wondering if Jesus could have been influenced by a Buddhist monk. I will look it up, so this posting is under construction.

“Buddha and Jesus

It is agreed that the Buddha legend was known in the general western world and it has been asserted by Orientalist Samuel Beal that the story of the birth of the Buddha was well known in the West, and possibly influenced the story of the birth of Jesus.

Saint Jerome (4th century CE) mentions the birth of the Buddha, who he says “was born from the side of a virgin” (the Buddha was, according to Buddhist tradition, born from the hip of his mother)The story of the birth of the Buddha was also known: a fragment of Archelaos of Carrha (278 CE) mentions the Buddha’s virgin-birth.

In the 1893 book, Influence of Buddhism on Primitive Christianity, Arthur Lillie argues that the birth accounts of the Buddha were copied into the gospels listing the following infancy parallels:

1. The palm-tree bends down to Mary as the Asoka tree to Yashodara.
2. The story of Simeon, the accounts of the bright light being almost word for word the same.
3. The idol bending down to the infant Jesus.
4. The miracle of the sparrows restored to life.
5. Judas Iscariot in early life attacked Jesus, just as Devadetta, the Judas of Buddhism, attacked Buddha. A violent blow that Jesus received in the left side made a mark that was destined to be the exact spot that received the mortal spear-thrust at the Crucifixion.
6. The whole story of the disputation with the doctors seems copied servilely from the “Lalita Vistara”. ”

from Was Jesus a Buddhist:
* Born as an incarnate god.
* Born from a virgin mother.
* Birth claimed as a divine event and prophesied as the same.
* Birth attended by singing angels.
* Birth attended by wise men bearing gifts.
* Prodigious childhood.
* As a child astounded teachers with knowledge.
* Fasted in the wilderness for forty days.
* Tempted while alone by the devil.
* Resisted the devil successfully.
* After the devil left, supernatural events occurred.
* Were vegetarians (fish excepted).
* Began ministry at thirty years of age.
* Attract large following mostly from lower classes.
* Attracted disciples who traveled with him.
* Attracted one disciple who was treacherous.
* Changed disciples’ names.
* Encouraged celibacy for their disciples.
* Consecrated in a holy river.
* Itinerant ministry instead of at a fixed place.
* Performed miracles such as curing blindness.
* Renounced worldly riches and required the same of their disciples.
* Ministered to outcasts.
* Advocated universal love and peace.
* Taught mostly through use of parables.
* Triumphal entries (in Jerusalem and Rajagripa).
* Gave major sermon from a mound.
* Disregarded by the dominant religious elite (Pharisees and Brahmans).
* Just before death dispatched disciples to preach in other areas.
* Death accompanied by supernatural event.

Can we assume that Jesus was the Western interpretation of Buddha?
His reincarnation perhaps??

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  1. Great article, Ina! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but, for your information (FYI) I thought you should be aware:
    1) Jesus’ birth wasn’t attended by the wise men. It took more than two years for them to actually locate him.
    2) His ministry began at a much earlier age. In fact, his parents once lost him because of it.
    3)His resurrection was indeed a supernatural event. He is the only one that has risen from the grave.

    I think he a Buddha would have been close friends, don’t you?

  2. These wise men were on the road for more than 2 years? By then he could have talked and walked already! How do you know this?

    About the only one that has risen from the grave: my great grandfather once had this strange experience: a man was found drowned and he was about to be burried, when my great grandfather suddenly said: he is not dead! He was very determined, so they opened the coffin and bingo. The man was still alive. I think I want to check the details on this family story to publish with names and such. Creepy huh?

    I can see Buddha and Jesus having a race who can walk on water the fastest lol.

    • I think they calculated his age because it would have taken the men at least that long to have traveled from their location to find him at that time, as the wise men calculated his location from the stars and his date of birth was also calculated that way. We celebrate Christmas in December; it is doubtful he was even born in that month.

      A foot race on water?

  3. Oh! I forgot: your story about almost being buried alive would be an excellent read. I’ve heard or read somewhere there is some type of fish venom that can create a temporary paralysis (coma like) that appears to be death.

  4. And, to answer your question about Jesus being a reincarnation of Buddha: No!

    This is why: The Bible that teaches the gospel of Christ tells us that after we die. we are judged. One death, one judgement, one savior. It’s in the book of Hebrew if I recall correctly (I extremely rusty and will look it up for you if you must know). I recall having this exact same conversation with my now deceased cousin many years ago. It got soooooooo out of hand that I actually called her preacher to set her straight! She had been attending a Babtist church and I knew it wasn’t part of their doctrine. As far as what she beleived….


  5. Great gospel tunes by this gal:

  6. Thanks! There is a lot to be learned πŸ™‚
    We were on the mainland for the cremation of my fathers sister (my aunt). It was a ceremony without religion, but with speeches from family. As she was 86, it was more of a family gathering I suppose, not too tragic to die that age. Still I will miss her, she was also my neighbour.

    Up early to get a son started, he has some early shift.

    I saw the more than 3 hours hearing in court about the Anthony case, fascinating. I don’t understand why people say Cindy is a liar, it didn’t sound suspicious what she said, and not new too. But why was George not asked to give a statement like Lee and Cindy were?

  7. Sorry to hear about your aunt. You must have been close since she lived near. She lived a good and long life, I’m sure.

    They really like to rag on Cindy. She is a character in a soap opera to them. They call her a liar because she has retracted many of her initial statements. I can only imagine the denial she went into when she discovered the grandchild she loved and cherished was gone. And, to have all those freaks in front of her home trying to force them into turning their daughter over to the mob just to satisfy Padilla and Nancy Grace and the local media………unbelievable!

    George testified at the Grand Jury. I imagine they will make his statements stick since they were probably very compelling in their case against Casey. From the very beginning, they’ve been after Cindy since she was the easiest to antagonize. They really shit out morons for offspring there-then they employ them in the field of “journalism?”

    • Those people who call themself ‘protesters’, what were they thinking? That Cindy would hand them over her daughter so they could lynch her? No matter what happens, she is Casey’s mother and she will probably try to do what is best for her. Must be hard.
      Journalism, more ‘sewerlism’. Riooljournalistiek it is called in Dutch, riool being a sewer. Gutter? They should stick to the facts, not to the shit!
      Lee is all grey now. What must he be thinking of all this and what would he think of his sister.

      Well, working today, means glued to my laptop. Have a nice Sunday.

      • Those ‘protesters’ did their ugly deeds for the purpose of garnering attention for themselves; much like the online ranters. Many of those people were ill, impatient, angry over the thought they had to live among so many criminals, or, just really enjoyed the surreal adventure of being personally involved in their favorite crime fighting show which is a nightly (often daily, too) event in America. Casey Anthony, or any of the Anthony family, will not now, nor ever, impact their pathetic lives in any way, shape or form.

        Journalist in American, and other places I suppose, rely on crap to fill their empty pages. They exert their freemdom at the expense of everyone else. Often the law enforcement will use that to their advantage (usually a detriment) to force others from having their freedom. You can see how many lost their job over this single event. They really got swept up in the media folly. Cindy isn’t the only one who believes the lies. Why they focus on her is unknown. Their (the crowd, media, psychics, police, neighbors, VOLUNTEERS,etc.) quest for delusions seemed to be the main focus of the case from the get-go. After watching all that, Cindy really doesn’t stand out from the pact.

        I haven’t watched the hearings. I assume it is all about Cindy, as usual, and will just read the excerpts written by the so called “professionals.” Lol! Yes, Lee does look a bit grayer.

        Glued to the laptop, eh? I’ll find something soothing for you. Lol!

      • Great music. My son had seen the movie and told me not to watch. He had cried his eyes out.
        I’ll try and find something too!

        • You must watch this movie! It is an excellent recollection of WWII and one man’s struggle to remain human among all the carnage. I fail to see how you could possibly write another book without the knowledge of human nature represented in this film in you heart and soul.

    • Just in time πŸ™‚ thanks. I remember his child fell out of a window and died. So many people and so many tears. And now I see it is called tears in heaven.

      Beautiful music! Thanks.

  8. and this one I think you were the one to show me first:

    • The “Red Violin” is a must watch movie, too. You would love it! It combines music, art, culture, superstition,and modern America all in one single flick.

  9. You just brought tears to my eyes! I once had this tape. It was given to me by a friend. He said, “This is so you!” It was destroyed long ago, and I’ve been meaning to get another. I finally saw the movie “The Secret Garden” years later and loved it (Hope it was the same movie). I assume so, since it looks like a rose hip in the dead of winter in the opening photo slide. Maybe today I will find it and hear the beautiful music once again.

    Thanks Ina! It must have been a “God thing!”

  10. Peace does come from within:

  11. It was a good cry-no worries.

    I’m going to get around here…I’ll check in from time to time.

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