Two years ago, a little girl named Caylee Anthony went missing, her remains were found 6 months later. What happened? There is only a lot of speculations, ‘evidence’ that proofs nothing about why, how, where or by whom she was killed or died.

The parents of the only suspect, Casey, the mother of Caylee, have stood behind their daughter from the beginning. Cindy said “…I still truly believe that she is innocent… There’s got to be a motive there that’s much greater than this whole picture.”

So even the smell of a cadaver in the car that they said they had noticed, doesn’t make them change their minds.

So who are we bloggers to say Casey is a murderer and should be killed?

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  1. Good question. I have absolutely no idea.

    BTW, it’s a birthday party for the cats and dogs.

    Watch the missing children across the nation over the next few holidays. It’ll take a few years for a story to trump this one; they’ll pull it again. IMO

    Happy Father’s Day!

  2. 🙂 Sometimes life is a box with chocolats, you know the feeling? Thanks and I hope you have a nice day too.

    • I love chocolate! It’s always wise to be off by one.

      • I now have cruesli with chocolate for breakfast (with yoghert spelling) and coffee also with chocolate. I suppose there are no calories in that? Just read this “Some eye care practitioners believe that a diet high in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene (vitamin A), selenium and vitamins C and E, may forestall cataract development. Meanwhile, eating a lot of salt may increase your risk.” Salt is not good, I know, but life without salt is not much fun either. 😦
        In order to stay healthy, avoid sugar, fat, salt, meat. Don’t drink orange juice, is not good for the teeth. Only eat vegatables and a few walnuts and drink water and you will live very long. But for what?

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