Husband is going to a concert of Frederique Spigt and since I cough (uche uche) I decided not to join him.

Oh well I will watch a Youtube clip in stead 🙂

Comments on: "Meeting famous people & coughing don’t mix :)" (12)

  1. translation: “I want to forget you, but my heart can’t cope with that”

  2. Beautiful! Though I didn’t understand the language, I got the gist of it. Hope you enjoy this:

  3. Beautiful!
    This morning our son had to take the early ferry to go to his final exams, I went down first and the floor was covered in blood. Blood everywhere, like in a horror movie, so I did what every adult 52 year old woman would do: I yelled for my husband to come down.
    The cat was on the couch, also in a pool of blood, she looked at me and blinked, she doesn’t smell bad, the blood was clear, no urine. Later we found some vomit as well, so maybe the blood comes from her stomach.
    We took her outside to check her out further, she didn’t seem disturbed, she walked to the spot where our other cat is buried and there she is sleeping now. Maybe she will do the wise thing and not wake up, we go and see her now and then and if she is still there at noon, we will take her to the vet I think. With this cat you never know, she might get well again. But as she is 19, I don’t really think she will.

  4. I am so sorry, Ina. I know you don’t want her to suffer. I hope she goes to be with the other kitty.

    • Yesterday she was a bit down and we thought she would die, but she just slept, ate, drank and she seems okay now lol. She lost a bit of weight, but after the bleeding, she looked less agitated than before, perhaps the bleeding solved a problem?

  5. I hope your cat will be alright.
    We have a cat that’s 19 years old…..
    My daughter got it for X-mas when she was 8 years old…..
    I know how it feels.

  6. No…..LOL.

    It’s a little boy sitting on a chair. laughing his head off.
    In the background it states:

    “HA Ha, you are such a looser”.

    Very appropriate, I think.

    • 🙂 need new glasses. I like frogs blog, but I can’t see the comment if I write there. Grey background.

      I am going away for a few days, so bye for now!

  7. Ina, I hope you have a nice mini vacation. You aren’t missing anything here, as usual. Let’s see, MD just signed his latest as baldaintbeautiful, which is what I had always thought, and the SS is attacking fogs and arguing with herself…not a good sign for those who are still sane. Oh, MD hasn’t been sober all that long-about 3 years I guess. Or less. So, that probably explains his shitty personality and the proclivity to hang on to the rotten-crotch ho…it’s difficult changing environments at his age.
    Kreuzer is back from Singapore, and wherever else he went, my mind is slipping.

    Hope your cat is doing okay. Wishing you well…the thinker belle!

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