Since this morning, after showering, but maybe before hanging out the laundry, not sure, my wedding ring disappeared from my finger. I wore it on my left hand after showering, as my right hand has a little wound.

The ring is a cheap one, silver, no stone, we bought it in Maastricht 17 August 1988 a day before a niece of his got married there, so we had a party as well πŸ™‚ His name is in it. When we ourselves got married, on 1 September 1999, that date was also put in the ring.
We have been looking all over the place. No luck so far, but it has to be in the house somewhere, (or in the lunch I made for my son, but he would have sent a message if he had found it?)

I miss the little fellow.

Oh well. It is just a ring. We still got each other. I don’t think I would overlook my husband very easily πŸ™‚

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  1. I hope you find it. Have you looked in the drain. If it slipped off your finger, as often rings will do when the hands are wet, perhaps it is still in the drain joint.

  2. tulpjes said:

    I hope you found your ring also.
    I don’t wear any jewelry but 3 rings and 2 earrings.

  3. How funny Tulpjes!

    Ina, I found this link and thought you may be able to use it in an argument about the U.N. and issues worldwide:

    I noticed they attack you whenever you bring up the death penalty. Though I may not necessarily agree with you on all points, you do make some very good points that should be considered. We, as Americans, like to quote the U.N. when it serves our purposes; having it the other way stings a bit for some I suppose.

    Anywhooooo, hope it gives you ideas if nothing else.

    • Thanks Thinker Belle. Today judge Perry will have his say on the dp in the Anthony case. I doubt he will change the dp into a lifetime’s sentence or something like that. I just hope so.
      I am now reading on blogs that more people think there is no proof in the evidence that Casey killed Caylee, I was starting to think I was the only one πŸ™‚

      • I’ve never seen evidence that Casey was the one that killed Caylee. They’ve only presented rumors and innuendos so far with what evidence they’ve released publicly. However, her behavior after the child’s disappearance is enough to make most people think she is guilty. If she didn’t kill Caylee, she certainly knows who did, and, judging from the friends she kept, I wouldn’t doubt she put her friendships above her daughter. She has certainly demonstrated negligence thus far. Maybe the evidence at trial will reveal more.

        Other bloggers stating there isn’t evidence? Wow! That is surprising! It could also be locals trying to keep the trial in the area (Or, offset the media results at best), though they created such a scene in the beginning and are now realizing the outcome of their own behavior.

  4. She may have told her lawyers something, but, not anyone else, including her parents.

    Off topic: found this link that you may want to have available at sometime in the future. It gives a glimpse into American Christianity; many forms vary across the nation as much as around the world.

    • Thanks! John Shore makes sense πŸ™‚

      I (partly) saw the hearing with the 3 motions, and again I misunderstood the vibrant (?) judge Perry; I first thought he was in favour of the first motion about not going for the dp, but I read in the article on WFTV he is not.

      The defense said a lot I thought too , about the bias that comes with the media, the jury that will be influenced by it and I have no problems understanding prof. Lyons so I guess she is from another part of the US than the judge and Baez.

      A jury will be bias no matter where the members come from. This case is known and discussed by people from all over the world, so it won’t make much difference if the jury comes from Orlando or Miami.

      Lyons said something about bloggers that want Casey and herself dead. I also think it is mainly the blogs that causes the hatred in this case.

      Now next Tuesday they will go on with the next hearing and then 10 days from there.

  5. It is easy to tell Judge Perry is black, though he is well educated. The voice inflections tell it all. Baez is easily understood, in my opinion, though he may be of Hispanic heritage. Perhaps you have difficulties hearing certain tone ranges (?) Did you understand Ashton? His voice isn’t as deep as the other two, but, it is still deep enough to tell he is male. Lyons is from Illinois, I believe.

    It will make a difference because if they select a jury from a population from another county that hasn’t covered this case 24/7 and presented it nightly like they have in Orlando, many prospective jurors may have already forgotten key elements, not to mention speculation and rumors, surrounding this case.

    The blogs are responsible for causing a lot of the hatred, and, so is Nancy Grace, Leonard Padilla, Geraldo, among others. The ones calling for the online protests are the worst and the most dangerous in my opinion. BNN is one of those-just read how that English/Canadian/Mississippian editor of those is turning the case of Caylee/Haleigh into a mafia scenario to appease his lackluster readers. Go back and reread some of HO’s blogs and commenters. Most of these morons are followers of NG, who tends to handle these case much like a witch hunt; the hunt is what appeals to these dangerous bloggers.

    Will they try to kill them-probably…that’s what they are about. Will they be successful? Who knows? I suspect Lyons will want to check her coffee grounds and watch herself whenever she eats or drinks. These people really want people from within the state to handle the case and more than likely do not “cotton” to outsiders.Casey is safe because she is in jail; if she is found innocent, then, these ranting bloggers/commenters will retry her to satisfy their own opinions. This reason is probably why they want access to the search crews information.

    Many of these people that searched probably also made threatening comments online. Though threats aren’t actually illegal here, who wants to end up in an episode of CSI? Most crimes are after the fact-after you are dead, then they can start an investigation. That is why they want everyone to have a recent update on dental pics. Often, that is all that remains to identify the victim. (Fortunately, I’ve had enough root canals and have had a piece of my jaw broken before -wisdom tooth removal-, so, identifying my remains would not be that difficult. Lol!)

    Since the judge is so pro-military and pro-police, I doubt he will grant them any slack in safety issues because of these bloggers. From that stand point, they feel that U are responsible for your own safety and no one else. They would be more likely to assist a squall-bag like MD than someone attempting to murder a lawyer or defendant.

    The folks that keep mentioning genetics, it runs in the family, they are costing us too much in tax dollars, and the psychobabble artist would be the most dangerous. They always want to relive Hitler for whatever reason unbeknown st to me. Take your crazy aunt for example-look at what she wrote about md describing his leadership ability and comparing him to Napoleon, IIRC. (turns out, he’s really just a whining weiney boy afterall).

    I doubt she’ll actually receive the death penalty, unless the state has evidence that hasn’t been made public. She will get a really long stretch in prison, which she deserves, regardless of whether or not she actually killed the child. No one is going to believe she is truly innocent in all this unless they can unearth this “nanny” and bring her in to testify.

  6. Wow, that was a good comment πŸ™‚ Yes, they have no idea about the danger they are becoming, it is scary.
    MD as Napoleon πŸ™‚ I really got a chuckle about that. Napoleon went to Russia in the wrong time of the year and caused a lot of soldiers to die from the winter. Hitler did the same thing. Some leaders. They don’t ever learn anything lol.

    I think you are right about Casey deserving the prison time, but there is no proof so I wouldn’t mind if they have to let her go because of lack of evidence really, as she has done several years in jail already. I think I better not say so on BS, as poor Craig has to keep the peace there.
    What the hell are cyber eyes?? Beeknees on BS:
    ” BEES KNEES said, on May 11, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    mchl454 said, on May 10, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    β€œOnce again, Ina has come to disrupt. Shaky trembling judge? Says she watched the hearing but knows nothing. Then proceeds to read? what, IDK, and now she gets it, but still is sarcastic. Folks, she is here to stay, why, IDK, so our only recourse is to. ignore ignore ignore. Only option I see.”

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

    Absolutely right, mchl454! She has to be one of two things ~ a troll for the defense or a sh*t-disturber. Either way, you’re right . . . she will likely never go away. I believe that the only thing that might get rid of her is to ignore her. But it would have to be for a longer time than what has been tried ~ I’m thinking SOLID ignoring her ~ like at least for a week or two. I do know how hard it is not to respond ~ she makes it hard when she starts with her intentionally-flammatory questions and even more ridiculous statements (as fact ~ ha ha ha . . . ).

    So, if she’s not going to leave maybe we should find a positive reason for her being here. Like, we could argue with her (which may be exactly what she wants) and vent on her and tell her how little we care about her stunned theories, and suggest to her that she pull her head out of her own butt and take a good look around. She knows she’s been flaming this blog right from the start, as she has done in others. So, imo you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t ignore her ~ just share your feelings about the case with her.

    I’ll be the first.

    Ina, your constant baiting and batting of your stupid cyber-eyes at all of us is soooo played, so worn-out that you embarrass yourself by resorting to it. You hop around on the blogs trying to sound confused and you pose questions with an insufferable β€œpoor widdle me . . . Can I just ask . . . I just can’t see . . . blah, blah, blah . . . ” and then, when some unknowing blogger responds to your β€œquestions” you pull one out of your ass that has been asked repeatedly with barely even trying to make it look fresh or new ~ just the same thing every time. Respectfully, what is wrong with you?”

    ? Is it wrong just to want to discuss a dp case not being in favour of the dp? My questions are rather normal I think?
    Anyway, Craig had just said my comments are fine, but she has to go on. But I am disruptive?

  7. Okay, well, this much I know: Calling that person a fucwad will probably fly; however, refrain from “get a grip” or “screw you” if you want to continue to comment on BS’s blog (Must be something Floridan about it). They really only want to discuss rumors and belittle and berate KC, her family, and the entire defense team. I should have added them in the list above, though, most are Canadian or trying to drive traffic to MD’s blog and share”sugar” to extend their blogging life. They are angry at you becasue you don’t understand the American justice system; they are angry at themselves for the very same reason.

    JMO as always!

    • A fucwad, what is that? I did say get a grip a couple of times as you advised lol. I can’t believe they are really so blinded by their hate for Casey that they don’t care about anything else, like Justice , truth, humanity, the UN or common sense. She is the devil. ” She must die, proof or not. ” It is so strange. And they are all middle aged women. It must be something in their hormons. They hate females who are older than 16, but younger than themselves I suppose.

  8. Cyber eyes. Eyes that cyber? Makes no sense to me lol.

  9. 1. fucwad 54 up, 4 down

    buy fucwad mugs, tshirts and magnets
    1.) A mean-spirited person who only cares about himself.
    2.) That glop of pussy snot that gloms onto your dick when you’re done.
    1.) Word! That asshole Fleming sure is a fucwad!
    2.) I say, Margaret. You’ve donated a nice fucwad upon my tallywhacker this morning! Quite!

  10. Lol! No, don’t use that word. I have seen it there though. MD got all bent out of shape over twat, though he called many others much worse. Cyber eyes? Peeps, perhaps? They probably think you are from the opposing “team” or “camp.”

    They want to not only try KC for her crimes, but also for the crimes of others that have gone before her, i.e. OJ Simpson (note the numbered sweatshirt she was wearing when she was incarcerated), Susan Smith, and those wanting the serial killer scenario,Ted Bundy or that woman who was the basis for the movie “Monster” (A Florida woman who killed several men because, as a prostitute, she had been abused by many of them).

    Women naturally will pull down another woman faster than a man. If you read KC’s letters, even she does this. This is why they have directed their anger at Cindy as well as KC because they feel they could have, and have in the past, done a much better job of child rearing (In all likelihood, these women raised thugs; that’s why they carry on so). Maybe they remind them of a hated foe at some point in their life, or, of someone within their own family (back to your crazy aunt-read the first couple of her blogs) This is probably the reason the ‘mistress’ appeared out of nowhere; the bloggers that turned on them, in particular-Cindy; and the very reason the bounty hunters jumped in for the fast buck.

    I doubt it is their hormones. I can only imagine they have been this way their entire lives-overly controlling-just like the people they love to hate. Again, please note, many are NG groupies. They really aren’t interested in being presented with the evidence; gossip is enough to get them through the day.

    • You make sense. Like the judge, you rock lol.

      Between the lines all over those blogs, disfunctional is written.

      I am going to turn in, it is still a bit light here but almost 10 pm.

      No idea what this is πŸ™‚ Night!

  11. Interesting video and amazing band! I will look into this group more, later. Did you notice how the villagers torched the house that held the angel?

    A side note: there are no mention of female angels in the Bible.

    • Oh, and G’nite!

    • lol I always thought angels were androgyn types πŸ™‚ sexeless. They don’t wear beards I think?
      Advice from my mother: Whenever you see an angel: stop drinking. πŸ™‚

      I didn’t see all of the clip myself, it may be from a movie?

      So far no ring. Can’t find Saint Anthony either lol I have an aunt who will pray to that saint if she tries to find something, and it works; my cousin in law says because of the concentration and meditation during the praying, she remembers where she lost it.

      • Husband put this music on, and I am writing, a lazy whats- it- called day. Hemelvaart πŸ™‚ Voyage to heavens day lol.

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