Mother’s day

Mother ‘s day

I got up early just to go into my youngest sons bedroom and stare at him sternly.
“It is Mothers day. It is a tradition. I want my present.”
His eyes opened, he sighed, and wham:
“Mothers day is the invention of moralistic confused Capitalists who wanted to emphasize the mediocre role women play in the bourgeois households!”
“I want it.”
“Too bad.”

Later I phoned my second son.
“It is Mothers day. It is a tradition. I want my present!”
“Is it May already? What did I get you last year?”
“So why alter a tradition?”

I tried son 3.
“Hallo, it is Mothers day. It is a tradition. I want my present.”
“Who is this?”



Comments on: "Mother’s day" (8)

  1. I did get coffee in bed 🙂 Well,I was in bed, the coffee in the cup.

  2. Very humorous, Ina. However, you can have your son read the following link:

    Not everything was borne of Capitalistic pigs seeking to strike others in the “land of nothingness” with a reason to be alive. There are many moralistic enough not to give a rip about those inside the ‘the bourgeoisie households.’

    I would hope your sons pay you more respect than that. If this is a true story, I can only imagine how difficult his (the one still at home) time in America will be for him.

    Aside from all that, I would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! If no one else will treat you, then treat yourself-you are special! Don’t let others make you think otherwise.

    • Thank you, never knew that Mothersday had so many different days. I suppose if you play your cards right, you could travel and celebrate Mothersday whole year round 🙂

  3. I found this blog and thought you might enjoy it. It gives a brief history of another celebrated day, by some, not all, that shares a common interest with some of your beliefs. I hope you enjoy this-very informative.

    • ty. It says :Use more public transport; but I don’t have to go anywhere 🙂

      I think alternative energy sources will be the only solution. Solar and wind?

  4. tulpjes said:

    Happy Mothersday!

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