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  1. Wow! With the technology today, you would think they would have had the ability to zoom in close enough to see the length of their eyelashes! They would have been able to tell what was on the end of the shoulder strap.

  2. Yes. And shooting at people who want to help the wounded… Laughing about a tank going over a casualty. Horrible.

  3. At first glance it may look like a mistake, but it is not. There is other video on the net that clearly shows at least 3 of the men are armed. One with a RPG and another with a AK-47, I will try and find that for you or you can look yourself, it is a much closer shot with the weapons in plain view.

    • Beast, I think you are right there, it does look like there is at least one gunned person at the pole, I didn’t see that earlier. But if you listen to the comment, they were looking at the cameramen I think, as they were in the center of the picture at the time. The weapons might have been seen by them though, of course I can not be sure, still I think it looks like they just shoot people without need to do so.
      The people with the gun were there perhaps for the protection of the cameramen and not enemies?
      Thank you for putting this here, I do realize in a war (like) situation, innocent people may be killed by mistake, and I think it should be avoided if possible.

  4. The “people” were insurgents and the reason why the chopper was there in the first place because moments before they had attacked a patrol a short distance away. The cameramen had inserted themselves with the “enemy” so they put themselves in that position. It is too bad that it turned out the way it did but if you hang out with the enemy that is the risk. The crew in the air had no way of knowing that there was American reporters with the enemy. Even if they did, what do you think they should have done, after knowing now that the group had just attacked our troops.

    • I think they should have left them alone, at that point, to avoid casualties. I am no general but that group was not fighting them. What kind of war allows this kind of killing, the people (children) in that car/bus, why did they have to die or get wounded? They were not fighting. Just because those children are not ours, is it ok just to kill?

  5. I’m not sure what you are talking about, there were no children in that video. And I can’t agree, they should just let that group go so they can attack our troops again? And if they surround themselves with children while they are fighting who is to blame for innocent casualties? Hamas did that in the conflict with Israel too.

  6. O yes there were children wounded during the attack. The bus with children in it stopped to help the wounded, then the chopper fired again.
    Those children live there. They can’t go anywhere.

  7. If you had children with you would you get involved in a gunfight?

    • The bus/car stopped to help wounded. Those people are ALWAYS near a gunfight. This was not needed. And the way they laugh when a vehicle of them drives over a wounded or dead person.. Yuck.

  8. Well I didnt see that, and I cant imagine what it is like to see your buddy blown to bits by an IED so I’m sure some things that happen we dont like but i have never walked in their shoes.

  9. Thats the first time I have seen the full length version. Who in their right mind stops and picks up dead bodies and weapons with helicopters flying above right after a gun battle? Really, that’s crazy. And to dedicate the video to all the families of the dead? The photographers ok, but this is war and I doubt there is any sympathy on the part of the enemy to our troops or their families. War is not pretty, it’s not supposed to be. A quote I heard recently. War does not show who is right, only who is left.

  10. Or collecting the weapons and removing the evidence.

    • “Picking up the wounded” the chopperguy says and you can see that that is what is being done.

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