It is Sundaymorning and I am just doing some ancestor research, watching tv with my husband. And there is this beautiful man, with a song that moves. His name is Salif Keita.

Keita was born 25 August 1949 as descendent of Soundjata Keita, in 1240 the founder of the West-African state of Mali. As a member of an aristocratic family he was rejected by this family and community for his choice for music.

He lead the life of a beggar, not always easy as he is an albino of black parents. Albino’s are not generally accepted in his culture.

Keita always knew music was his faith. In 1984 he moved to Paris. He has worked with Carlos Santana and others, got a Grammy nomination for his albums Papa and Moffou. He is influenced by the griots from his home country and music traditions from West Africa, Cuba, Spain and Portugal. Griot:a West African poet, praise singer, and wandering musician, considered a repository of oral tradition. As such, they are sometimes also called bards.

This was the song he performed (live) in the program this morning, here an earlier recording on You Tube:

I think it is great 🙂

Comments on: "Salif Keita: a musician you should hear!" (8)

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the scenery as well. Did you notice a poster of a Caucasian woman’s legs in the background at the radio station? It makes me wonder if the use Africans in advertising.

  2. From side to side? Not up and down? 🙂

  3. I’m not really a big redneck, but here is some redneck that swangs up and down:


  4. So this is what being a ‘swinger’ means… Somehow I thought it would mean something more … sexy?

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