Just my luck!

Yesterday morning, I had to wait on the telephone for someone. I was reconnected, waited again,  “Please, just one moment!” and I started to draw a bit, on a piece of paper.  I drew nothing important, just some lines, some curves, some penises…

OK, I admit, I drew pics of naked men.  And women! They were not all that bad, really, nicely proportioned and so, and I got quite into it, when a stern voice said:  “Yes?”

I quite forgot what I wanted to say, and while I was refreshing my memory, my husband stepped in the kitchen and got his administration stuff from the table, he had a meeting.

“I will be home in about an hour or two,”  he said whispering, leaving me to it. I remembered what I wanted to say to the impatient guy on the other end.

“There is something wrong with our telephone bill.”

“I can’t help you. You will have to call on Mondaymorning,”  he said and hung up.

I sighed.  Oh well.

I wanted to take a look at my drawings. The piece of paper was gone. I realized my husband had taken it with him.

He came home, not 2, but 4 hours later and he didn’t say anything at first.

“How was your meeting?” I asked as I quickly made coffee.

“Oh, I did real well,”  he said, loosening his tie. His only tie. He smiled.  “Everyone was there. All the political big shots. The press. And I made a great speech. I had my speech written on one page, you know, and I held it before my face as I read. And they were all ears. You could hear a needle fall. It was my moment of glory.”

I already headed for the door.

“And while I was reading, everyone  on the first, second and third row could see the three copulating men and two women on the back of my speech!”

“It was art!” I said defensively and started to run.

Monday I will call the telephone company again.  Without a pen in my hand.

This was the first posting on my earlier inaweblog here.

Comments on: "Just my luck!" (6)

  1. LOL Ina! That was really funny…

    Btw, I want to know what happened to your first blog. Why did you delete it?

    And any update on your son studying in America. I’ve been away for too long. I need update, update, update!

  2. Thinker Belle said:

    That was a cute tale, Ina…bet your husband was embarrassed!

  3. Hi An, you know I had some problems with someone suggesting nasty stuff about me that I found very offensive, as I am happily married. I was fed up with wp altogether. But my husband and others persuaded me to open a blog here again, as I am not very good in technics and wp is very easy to handle. And I missed you of course 🙂

    Did you have 2 months vacation, wow. I am anxious to know how you spent it 🙂

    Son needs some shots before he can go (in August!) , but the doc is on holiday so he will have to wait for that treat. His blog is on the blogroll–>

    • Really??? Something like that happened before? I’m so angry for you!

      Those kind of people are assholes. (Excuse my French!)

      Don’t worry about what that crazy nutjob think. I love your blog. I tell you, I was really shocked when I found that you deleted your blog. Thankfully, you commented on my blog the next day and I am relieved that you’re still here! I thank your husband for persuading you!

      As for my vacation: We went to some places. Beaches mainly. Ate at lots of different restaurants. And I ordered LOTS of books online and let my father pay for them 🙂

      School is tomorrow 😦 So sad.

      Yes, I’ve read his blog before. Good luck to him this coming August!

      • Thank you An! I agree on the asshole part!
        Do well in school!

        Did you get a tan? I suppose it is a lot warmer over there 🙂 We are covered in snow.

        He got the bill…that’s what fathers are there for 🙂

  4. Thank you Thinker, yes a bit 🙂 But it was art!

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