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I saw you for a moment as you were -
your shoulders lower and a silent stare;
you had been gone a while.

When you saw me, you dug out a smile,
although, let’s face it, we both knew
that it was over, me and you.

Oh fashion, I’m so sorry I don’t care!
I can’t be bothered with what clothes to wear.
So all the best. I’ll keep the grey mohair.



you can’t fly over a war
unless you are an angel
or become one

Save the fruit

You eat an apple.
There is a snapping sound
as your teeth enter the skin.

I know that it is screaming,
but you insist all is silent
while you go on killing the fruit.

I saw another apple crying on the tree.
Don’t tell me it is dew.
I know that it is mourning.

Baker’s Bad Boys book is available free

A free read, written by a wonderful poet :)

Poetry by Ina Schroders-Zeeders

Copy of Poetry by Ina Schroders-Zeeders.

during the sunset

during the sunset
all fire alarms went off

during the sunset
you didn’t blink at all
an understatement

last view of this life
a good time to ponder
during the sunset


Eye surgery

I am gone for a bit to the hospital on the main land, for this afternoon my right eye will be operated on, the same vitrectomy as a few years ago on my left eye, and the next day I shall have an EMG-test for my right arm (which makes me doubt the meaning of the word right :) ) As my eye will need a bit of rest, this means not too much watching the screen.

Hope to be back writing, reading, liking and commenting on Word Press soon! See you all! :) xx


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