Goodbye in sunshine

In steam and mist a goodbye seems forever,
more so than when it’s taking place in rain
and I could not believe that you were gone
when Sun was shining on your funeral.

Such brightness that day had, we all walked
smiling to your grave, you would have loved
to be among us; for a moment I was sure you were.
In steam and mist it would have been forever.

When Sun was shining on your funeral,
you went, the coffin white with roses.
More so than when it’s taking place in rain
a goodbye in such light does not mean forever.

Navy blue

’t Was such a day I wanted to wear navy blue,
with maybe a white handbag to go with it, a lady
appropriate in freshness I would be,
a person whom one likes to see walking down the street,
a lady, not only a woman,
a person who can show herself all times,
in navy blue and white.
Yes, that is what I wanted suddenly.

Het was zo’n dag dat ik marineblauw wou dragen,
met een wit tasje nog erbij misschien, een dame
met gepaste frisheid zou ik wezen,
zo iemand die je graag ziet lopen in de straat,
een dame, niet gewoon maar vrouw,
zo iemand die zich overal kan tonen,
in marineblauw en wit.
Ja, dat is wat ik zomaar wou.

We live in our imagination you and I,
a good world where no boundaries are.
Paint me your colours, I emerge as river
under skies of orange, apricot and mauve.

You are the purple fish
that swims against the stream.
I lift my arms and feel the lavender around me
where red has taken over clouds.

Now you are breeze and I am soil and earth.
We live here, in this landscape,
this is ours, our hide away
in a corner of our mind. My love.


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The sea in front of me
is the tear mountain’s top
which I started climbing years ago,
sometimes finding my path
in a parallel of the horizon,
sometimes lifted on a wave, or
getting ship wrecked in a storm,
and when I am in calmer water,
always reminded of what it is
that keeps me floating, and
of what it is that lies beneath
in cold and darkness. The undertow.


More to come, though it has been too much already.
The organza curtains slide against your skin.
New is the feeling of this day that just began
and you will win, yes you will win today,
your quiet battle no one knows about.
The photo of the grandson wobbles in the draught.
You only know he has a girlfriend now across the globe.

Across the street another silent fight is fought,
who would have thought her painful night
is similar to yours. But more to come,
of course there’s more, the day has only
started now. The scent of lavender and roses.
“Today they’re going on a holiday!” she says
excited of the thought, but you can’t hear.

Once you had families. Her husband died and you
had children. Now you live alone and so does she.
Your eyes meet hers, only the street
between you two. The weather’s fine
A quiet day, or so you hope, but soon
you’ll have so much to cope, the two of you.
A plane sets off for Asia.

Copy of Poetry by Ina Schroders-Zeeders.


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